Nova Tech Mini projector is a cute 1080P projector for home use.

The projector has a special and cute appearance. It has a yellow face a main lens on the front, which looks like the cartoon figure Minions in Despicable Me. There is a smiling mouth below the lens, making the projector cute and lovely.

With black as the main color and yellow as embellishment, the projector has a brief and cute color matching.

It measures only 4.4 * 4.6 * 4.5cm and weighs just 0.6 kg, you can just put it on your palm.

Though it has a small size, the image performance is also good.

Nova Tech Mini projector uses LED as a light source, and the brightness is rated at 1,000 lumens. The projector has a 1080P resolution, bringing a quality image.

But the image size is not big enough compared with common home projectors. It projects a maximum image size of up to 70 inches.

In terms of connectivity, it has various ports, including HDMI input, USB port, TF card slot, and AV out, which can be connected to various external devices.

The projector is now available at a retail price of Sale price $79.95.