A well-known gaming projector but is also suitable for home theater purposes due to its standard throw ratio, Optoma UHZ50 is perfect. This highly affordable laser projector with a short-throw ratio competes with one of the most delicate projectors in the market. Moreover, this laser projector with solid-state technology is an excellent investment choice. It is the only HDR 4k projector at such an affordable price in the market.


The best brightness of about 4k was achieved with 4-way XPR to make a DLP projector at 4k projector level. The 3000 lumens compatibility for this laser projector does not require any light source and makes it highly affordable due to low maintenance.

  • Speakers: This laser projector has built-in speakers, but these speakers do not provide promising results. In any case, the user needs another speaker to support the audio.
  • Picture modes: UHZ50 projector came with seven SDR preset modes to control the brightness, contrast, and 3D picture illustration.
  • Color mode: For better color saturation, bright, standard, film, and standard are the 4 HDR modes are available in this laser projector.
  • Gaming function: If you are fond of x-box, this projector can be your best companion for high-resolution illustration. Moreover, this picture depiction with 120Hz provides vibrant and active colors for the gaming mode. However, these colors add life to the view.
  • 3D view:  Undoubtedly, the Optoma UHZ50 laser projector is one of the best 3-D view illustrators in the town. You can watch your favorite movie in 3-D illustration without any inconvenience.
  • Technology: This projector uses solid-state technology, immersing the projectors as the latest and most impressive futuristic approach.
  • Price: The high cost-efficient price range under $3000 is appreciated. Undoubtedly, many LED projectors don’t offer such mind-blowing functions in this price range, the UHZ50 is the most impressive one.


The special functions with affordable prices and multiple options make it an excellent choice to consider if you want to buy a laser projector. Though it is a gaming one, it also reliably and reasonably supports a home theater setup. So if we call it a best value gaming home theater projector, it will be no wrong.

 Low input impressive lagThin speaker sound
 Good out of the box settingInconsistent quality
well-calibrated priceFrustrating and troubling app streaming
Long-life laser light source 
Highly affordable price for 4K 
Best home theater gaming laser projector