How do I know the projector lamp is dead? How to check if it’s a broken lamp that causes the projector stop working? Follow the steps listed in this guide, you will figure out whether you should get a new projector lamp.

Modern projector is a kind of precise equipment with a variety of parts collaborating together.

Any single component goes wrong; the whole device may face the risk of stop working. That adds to the difficulties of issue diagnose. Sometimes we think it might be a problem with the lamp, but it turns out there’s nothing to do with lamp.

How to Know Projector Lamp is Broken

So how do I know that my projector lamp is broken?

  • Identify the lamp indicator

If your projector is featured with lamp indicator, then you are allowed to diagnose the problem in a very efficient manner. Because you can tell whether your lamp is dead through this lamp indicator. But if you won a budget projector or middle range one, you may not find that lamp indicator. It’s OK. Move to the next step.

  • Did you hear a sound of like “Pop!”, If you did and meanwhile the image is gone, the projector is almost certainly broken.
  • Open the lamp door and see if your lamp has burst.

You may also open the lamp door to see if your lamp has burst. If so, no doubt to get yourself a new lamp, and also, make sure to clean out the bits of the quartz glass in case the debris would hurt other parts of projectors.

Therefore, to the benefits of our projector, keep an eye on your lamp, and replace it as soon as you find it failing. Don’t wait till it burst.

  • Replace the lamp

If you are still not sure whether the problem goes on the lamp or other parts. The most direct way is to replace the old lamp with a new one, if a new lamp brings your projector back to function, then your previous lamp is definitely dead.

It is quite a challenge to tell whether the projector lamp is still working, but with this guide, you may find the answer more easily.