If you want big entertainment within your budget and require low maintenance for that, then the Panasonic PT-MZ880 Laser Projector can be a better choice. What can be a better experience than getting your desired one in your budget? A bright beam sensor for the daylight and the medium to high light intensity makes it the best fit for conference rooms and meeting halls. Furthermore, the wide lens shift range makes it highly likable for the auditorium display.

Laser projector panels

This medium venue projector offers about 8000-lumen intensity within a low-maintenance cost. The actual price of the Panasonic PT-MZ880 laser projector is less than a 3LCD projector in the market. An impressive image and brightness achieve through 3 LCD chips. Moreover, three 0.76 LCD projector screen panels pass the blue, green, and red light brighter.

The life span for Panasonic laser projector

This projector is highly inevitable with a long life span. For example, if you use this projector for 8 hours every day for about eight years, its maintenance may require. However, the lighting parts can last even after usage of 20,000 hours, as per the company’s claim. 

Reusable Dust Filter

It’s tiny when we talk about the low maintenance cost. The reason is the reusable dust filters that avoid buying new lamps for this laser projector. You can wash it or soak it in clean water and dry it before reinstallation into the projector, and it’s all good to go.

Audio Function

Unfortunately, the Panasonic PT-MZ880 laser projector lacks a speaker and requires a better result for a remarkable experience.


Undoubtedly, this projector has a heavyweight with compact size. The average weight of this laser projector is about 41 pounds. Therefore, three mounting supports are available to attach it through the ceiling in the market. Panasonic sells these mounts through resellers. In addition, they would cost you about $300-$600.

Performance of the MZ880

This projector starts fast. However, it is the best fit for offices and classrooms as it can begin within a few seconds and almost shut down in a second. Moreover, this projector came with two low-power modes to save energy more often. Also, there’s a clear difference in the sound produced when you use it at full power and when at the lowest one. A pair of fans are also available to the device that keeps the projector cool even after excessive usage.


Panasonic PT-MZ880 laser projector is a projector with impressive design and elegant looks that offer superb functions within an economical budget range. Now, you can light up your offices, worship places, and classrooms with about an 8000-lumen projector. This high level of luminosity is almost unavailable in this price range of about $7500 compared to Sony, Samsung, and many other world-famous brands. It lacks Wifi connectivity and speakers but is still an excellent option to consider within this price, including lenses.

Price:                  $7500
Input Lag:          55.3 milliseconds
Fan Noise:         39.7 to 40dB
Connections:     Audio in/Out 3.5mm, Remote control extension 3.5mm, RJ-45 wired LAN,                   Computer-RGB In/Out 15pin D-sub
Pros:                   Inexpensive, Supplied lenses, Reusable dust filters, Daylight compensation sensor, the wide lens shift range
Cons:                   No inbuilt speakers, No Wifi Connectivity, Heavy in weight.