ViewSonic X2 projector adopts the latest solid-state LED technology. It reaches 3100 lumens, offers standard resolution rated at 1080P. The LED light source used can provide more than 30,000 hours of hours of use while consuming less than half the power of a typical LCD TV.

ViewSonic X2 adopts Cinema SuperColor+ technology and has 125% Rec.709 color accuracy, which can provide vivid and lifelike colors. At the same time, in terms of picture processing function, it supports HDR10 decoding, which makes the picture color more delicate and makes the light and dark details of the picture clearer.

Equipped with Harman Kardon speakers, the ViewSonic X2 delivers powerful performance for the device, producing deep, loud, room-filling 360-degree sound perfect for music and movies. With support for Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the ViewSonic X2 as a Bluetooth speaker, or output audio from a projector to a Bluetooth headset.

In terms of picture correction function, ViewSonic X2 supports manual focus and four-point keystone correction function, so that the device can also project a square and clear picture when it is installed on the side. It is 0.69-0.83:1, so that the device can project a 100-inch screen with a projection distance of about 1.5 meters.

ViewSonic X2 is equipped with a wealth of interfaces and supports connection to various devices such as computers, game consoles, power amplifiers, mobile hard disks, etc., which greatly improves the expandability of the equipment, makes the projector more practical, and meets the various needs of users.

To sum up, ViewSonic X2 projectorcan be found that the overall configuration is good, and the image quality is excellent, which can meet the user’s large-screen viewing needs. That said, it is a projection device suitable for home use.

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