TMY projector is one of the best sellers in Video Projectors on Amazon. This post will review the TMY projector 2022 upgraded version (TMY V08) from different perspectives.


The newly upgraded projector adopts a contrast color of white and black. On the top panel, you can see the brand logo clearly. The focus rotary knob and keystone correction rotary knob are convenient for adjusting images. There are several short-cut buttons on the top, which are convenient to operate the projector.

The holloed and curved panels make the projector special and exquisite. In addition, the hollowed vents are better in terms of heat dissipation.


With established LCD as the display technology, the projector has a contrast of 5,000:1, brightness of 7,500 lumens, and native resolution of 720P, projecting clear and bright images. It can project a screen size of 32” to 220”. It supports 1080P resolution, which is suitable for playing different videos.

The manual keystone and focus rotary knobs make the image adjustment easy and convenient.


The TMY projector 2022 upgraded version is equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, headphone port, and TF card slot, compatible with TV sticks, smartphones, Game Consoles, computers, and other devices.

TMY Projector 2022 Version interfaces

The projector doesn’t support direct USB data transfer for smartphones, but you can use an HDMI adapter to connect smartphones and The TMY projector. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The TMY projector 2022 upgraded version has built-in dual stereo speakers, producing clear and pleasant sound. In addition, the projector is equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, whose fan noise is cut by 80% compared with the previous version.


The TMY projector 2022 upgraded version (TMY V08) performs better in terms of image resolution and brightness. In view of its bundled screen, the projector is cost-efficient though it has no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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