Should you buy a cheap projector? Come and see these 10 budget friendly projectors review video.

The author bought and tested Amazon’s top 10 inexpensive LED projectors under $100 to figure out which one of them is the best. Turns out these Amazon listings are misleading at best.

Best Projectors by Rank:

1.  Victsing 720p Native (Best)

2.  Wimius 720p Native

3.  Yaber V3 720p Native

4.  Goodee 720p Native

5.  VideoChars (12V) 1080p Native

6.  Vamvo 720p Native

7.  WayGoal 640p Native

8.  CiBest 480p Native

9.  Goodee 480p Native

10. Meer 240p Native (Worst)

Video author: The Hook Up