Projectors are quite precise devices, tend to have longer lifetime if we keep them in good maintenance. Since you’ve invested on a projector, let me get you through some simple tips to prolong its lifespan, making your investment more worthwhile.

  • Don’t shut down the projector too quickly

When you finish projection, don’t rush to turn off the projector. Let the fan working for a while to cool down the whole unit, because the working machine is producing much heat, and high temperature will accelerate the failing process of elements. So it’s better wait for a few more minutes till the projector cool down, then you turn can it off.

  • Don’t be trigger-happy

Electronic components are usually fragile, turning off and on the projector will create a power surge which tends to make the elements wear out faster, especially the lamp. If your projector is featured with quick start, be careful, quick start is to warm up the machine in a second with aid of strong electric current. So turning off and on projectors featured with quick start will increase the damage caused by power surge.

  • Utilize ECO mode

Adopt energy-saving pattern as much as possible. Actually you don’t always need full brightness. ECO mode would suffice when projecting in dark room. If you plan to use the projector outdoors, then you can switch to full brightness. The main reason of opting for ECO mode is to reduce heat. High temperature could harm the device element especially those of products with good sealing like projectors.

  • Keep an eye on the lamp life

Modern projectors’ lamp has a special failing process. They don’t stop working suddenly, but to degrade in the later period of its lifespan. A dimming lamp can no longer deliver a bright and color saturated image. Replace it with a new one ASAP once you get the message of your lamp entering the “end of life”. A lamp in bad condition is a big drag on projector. Plus, if you wait till it burst, the bits of quartz glass may damage other elements inside the projector.

  • Clean the filters

Projectors are all featured with cooling system to protect the unit from overheating. The dusts attached to the filters will decrease ventilation. Try to clean the filters periodically to keep them from clogging.

  • Don’t block the fan vent

As I mentioned many times, avoid your projector working in high temperature as possible as you can. So no matter where you place or mount your projector, make sure don’t block the fan vent.

Follow these tips to keep your projector in good condition, to enjoy a better viewing experience.