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The Right Way to Turn Off Projector | Projector Care Tip

Turning off a projector is never just hitting the power button. If we follow some simple tips when turning off the projector, we can prolong

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What does Filter Warning Mean on Epson Projector?

Epson is an established brand that is popular on market. Its projectors are known for high quality and superior design. Many consumers will choose to

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How to Turn Off Home Projectors Properly

Home projectors make a great addition to the family entertainment. If you’ve invented on a home projector, especially a high-end one, I bet you want

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Projector Cooling is Important | Five Tips for Faster Projector Cooling

Have you been enjoying your home theater built by projectors? Various movies and shows can be displayed on big screen as long as you got

projector maintenance

Projector Maintenance Tips

There are simple steps you can take to help maintain the health and longevity of your projector. This video will make it easy and straight

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How To Clean Projector Inside Lens?

Using a projector for a long time will inevitably causing the lens full of dust and dirt. If you want the sharp image output back,

projector lamp maintenance
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Projector Lamp Maintenance to Prolong Lifespan

A projector lamp plays a critical role in projection, at the meantime it is quite fragile. So in daily use, if we try to follow

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6 Important Tips for Projector Maintenance and Care

Projectors are quite precise devices, tend to have longer lifetime if we keep them in good maintenance. Since you’ve invested on a projector, let me