Home projectors make a great addition to the family entertainment. If you’ve invented on a home projector, especially a high-end one, I bet you want to preserve them as much as possible.

It’s not hard at all to prolong your projector’s lifespan and keep it working correctly. Just learning some simple tips like turning off the projector properly would be very helpful in projector care. This tip is available for projectors of all brands, high and low ends.

You may find it confusing: why there is a way to turn off home projectors? Isn’t it just hitting the button and unplugging it? Actually, there is a proper way to turn off home projectors, only people don’t know about them.

The answer to turning off home projectors is very simple, but don’t underestimate its benefit to making the projector last as long as possible.

The way to turn off home projectors properly

When you finish the projection, don’t rush to turn off the projector. Let the fan working for a while to cool down the whole unit; because the machine in working has produced much heat, and we all know the high temperature will accelerate the failing process of elements, especially the lamp. So it’s better to wait for a few more minutes till the projector cools down, then you may turn it off.

Keep it on Standby is better for your home projector

One more thing, you better keep your projector on Standby if you know you’re going to use it soon. In another word, don’t turn on and off your home projector too frequently, because it would definitely reduce the life of your home projector and even worse: cause your lamp to burn out entirely.

Last but not least, don’t move or store your home projector while it’s still hot. Wait for it to cool down then unplug it before you lift the home projector.