We can see the RAM and ROM in the specification box of some smart projectors. So, what are their functions?

RAM is short for “Random Access Memory”.  The equipment of RAM is to provide temporary data storage space for the operating system and running programs of the projector. 

The memory of the RAM is very important for the smart projector. The larger the RAM is, the more programs can be run in the background system, and the faster the program can be run.  That is to say, you should pay attention to the storage of RAM. 

ROM means read-only memory, whose role is similar to the hard disk of computers. ROM is responsible for storing and preserving data.  The number of APPs that can be installed on the projector and pictures and videos that can be stored in the projector depend on the memory of the projector. Hence, the size of memory is also a vital parameter when choosing a projector.

If the memory is too small, you cannot download and install too many APPs and videos on your projector.

Nowadays, most smart home projectors have a built-in storage of 2G+16G. Some high-end flagship projectors have a large storage of 4G+32G.