Toperson YG331 Projector is a mini portable projectorf allows users to bring it to a outdoor movie party or camping. When you carry the projector outdoor, you may have trouble connecting it the streaming device. This tip will show you how to stream phone to Toperson YG331 Projector.

How to Screen Streaming your phone to this movie projector for outdoor use?

1. Turn on WiFi on the settings icon from the main menu of the projector;

2. Select “Input-Source” –> “Multiscreen”—>“DLNA” from the main menu; (in the Multiscreen page, click the “Castsetting” to turn on the WiFi too)

3. Connect your phone to the same WiFi router;

4. Click the TV icon on the top of your video, select the projector device “Toperson-YG331-xxxx-dlna” and connect it.

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