Have you been enjoying your home theater built by projectors? Various movies and shows can be displayed on big screen as long as you got a projector back in home. That’s why home projectors become increasingly popular.

Electronic products like projectors have high demands on heat dissipation. The core component – lamp, produces a large amount of heat during working. As we all know, high temperatures can cause big harm to electronics, such as shortening the lifespan of projectors.

Five tips here for you to help the projector cool down faster, check it out.

Tip 1: Amount your projector properly

No matter where you choose to place your projector, the first rule is to leave enough space around the projector. Especially make sure that don’t block the air vent, otherwise, you would hinder the cooling system from working, even cause the lamp bursts due to high temperatures.

Tip 2: Clean the vent regularly

The air opening is apt to accumulate dust and dirt, pose a severe impact on the functioning of ventilation, so does the clogged dust screen inside the opening. Therefore, try to clean the whole cooling system as much as possible, creating a smooth air vent for the projector to work its cooling system better.

We know that Opto-Mechatronics like projectors are quite sensitive to temperature, in addition to their complex inside constructure, home projectors are getting smaller and smaller, meanwhile brighter and brighter, all of these factors add to the difficulty of the design of cooling systems. That’s why in the daily use, we need to pay more attention to the ventilation of projectors.

Tip 3: Take a rest

Unlike commercial or engineer projectors, who are capable of working 7*24 hours continually, home projectors are subjected to the time limit on working hours. Normally, home projectors should take a 20 mins rest every 4 hours working.

Tip 4: Keep the room ventilated

Try to place your projector in a room ventilated and cool. A room with an air conditioner is great enough, or putting a fan beside the projector can help it cool down as well. If you own a bright projector you would know, it is really like a ball of fire during functioning. Especially in summer, it’s able to heat up an entire small room. Therefore, adequate ventilation is very important.

Tip 5: Don’t shut down the projector immediately

After you finish the projection, don’t rush to shut down the power, just leave the fan working for a few more minutes to cool down the entire unit. This is a simple tip that most people would ignore but really works regarding projector maintenance.

5 simple tips for you to take care of your projector, really simple and useful. Hope you enjoy a great viewing experience.