A projector lamp plays a critical role in projection, at the meantime it is quite fragile. So in daily use, if we try to follow some simple tips, you may prolong the lifespan of your lamp.

You don’t want to bring back home a new projector, everything works well, but soon after the lamp bursts. Just check these tips you’ll find there are easy ways to maintain your projector lamp.

projector lamp maintenance

Turn on/off the projector in the right order

Before turning on the projector, you should turn the power on first, then you hit the lamp button till the light indicator turns green. When you need to turn off the projector, you should hit the lamp button first, wait it till the fan stop working, then you may turn the power off. This is the right order of turning on and off projectors, to make sure the cooling system works long enough to protect the lamp from being broken.

Don’t let the projector works overtime

As we all know, lamps are consumable elements, whose lifespan will be badly impacted if they don’t get enough rest. It is recommended that try to avoid putting lamp on working over four hours. If so, high temperature in the long-term time can cause serious damage to the lamp, accelerating the process of lamp degradation.

Don’t frequently switch the projector

projector lamp maintenance

Turning off and on the projector will create a power surge which tends to make the lamp wears out faster, or even worse, make the lamp burst.

Try not to move around the projector in use.

It is reasonable to adjust the placement of projector to find the best image output. However, try to find the right position as soon as possible, because during projecting, the lamp is in a very high temperature, and the filament is in a semi-fused status. Moving the projector around may cause the risk of filament burning out.