There are too many kinds of screens made of various materials. How to pick a proper one for your projector? This article will list different kinds of screens and give their advantages and shortcomings.

White Plastic


Viewing Angles: >160°

It is a common screen, made of PVC. It has rough workmanship and grains, which has slightly better visual effect than white wall.

White Glass Fiber


Viewing Angles: >160°

It is made of special HD materials. In addition, this kind of screen can stretch smoothly without tedious spread manually. It delivers a colorful image and adds gains and contrast ratio. It has longer life span and keeps flat and straight under big temperature changes.

Glass Bead


Viewing Angles: >160°

It delivers a higher brightness and resolution, which is suitable for some LED projectors with lower brightness (Lower than 2,000ANSI lumens) and 3D video play.

Grey Glass Fiber

Gain: 2.8

Viewing Angles: 160°

It has a good performance in terms of anti-ambient light, which delivers a good contrast ratio. It is suitable for projectors labeling a brightness higher than 2,000 ANSI lumens. It is suitable for daytime use compared with other materials.



Viewing Angles: 160

It can deliver an image of high resolution and good color rendition.  It is fine and smooth, which gives a clear image in daytime and improves the contrast ratio and brightness of projection image. It is suitable for 3D video play.