Resolution is a vital parameter when users pick a projector. You may see two resolution numbers in the specification table, native resolution and supported resolution.

Native Resolution

The native resolution is also called physical resolution or standard resolution, which can reflect the exact pixels of projectors.

The native resolution of the common home projector is 720P or 1080P. Some high-end projectors’ resolution may reach 4K. A resolution of 720P is widely seen in some portable mini projectors. To get a good image experience, the native resolution of the projector is at least 720P.

Supported Resolution

Supported resolution is also called compatible resolution. If a projector’s supported resolution is labeled as 4K, it means that the projector can play 4K source videos by compressing them into a lower resolution.

Therefore, the native resolution of a projector can really reflect the image quality of a projector. You should pay more attention to the native resolution of a projector instead of the supported resolution.

Common Resolutions in Projector


Resolution1024x768P1280x 800P1680x1050P1920x1200P
Aspect ratio4:316:1016:1016:10
Full NameExtended Graphics ArrayWide Extended Graphics ArrayWide Super Extended Graphics Array PlusWide Ultra XGA

480P vs 720P vs 1080P

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