Amazon has released a creative projector, Amazon Glow.

The projector looks like a big phone, which is positioned as an interactive projector for kids over 3 years old.


Amazon Glow adopts whole black, and its shape is just like a standing phone. The bigger base makes the projector stand firmly and stably.   

The projector lens projects light downwards on the projection pad, which does no harm to human eyes.

In the front of the projector, there is an 8” LCD touchscreen featuring 1280 x 800 resolution. On the upper and bottom side of the screen, a profile camera and a 10W speaker are quipped, designed for video calling. The camera features a 720p HD profile and a built-in shutter.

It is also equipped with a 19.2” touch-sensitive projection pad.

Smart Features

Amazon Glow supports Dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, enabling stable and quick connection.

Unlike common projectors, Amazon Glow has many features enhancing family connections and kid education.

Video Call

Amazon Glow supports video calls.  Remote family members can start video calling and connect with their kids by means of the free Glow app on iOS and Android tablets.

Remote family members can see both the projection image on the pad and the image window of the child.

Educational Resources

The projector includes thousands of animated storybooks with fun animations, games, visual arts activities, and etc. The kids can learn by themselves in an interesting and efficient way.

In this way, the remote family members can participate in the learning and play of their child.

Physical meets Digital

Tangram Bits combines physical objects and digital elements, making learning magical. Specifically, the child can interact with the digital projection image using a physical paperboard.

In addition, the projector can also scan the toys in a digital sticker on the projection pad.

The projector is available at $249.99 on Amazon.