Fix projector screen, also known as fixed frame screen, is a type of projector screen that’s fixed on the wall, and not allowing to be moved. Like a picture frame, hence the name, fixed frame screen.

We know there are many portable projector screens like floor rising projector screen and tripod projector screen. They are convenient enough and easy to carry. Most of all, they won’t occupy to much space at your home. So then, why do we choose fixed projector screen?

Fixed projector screen pros

Fixed projector screens are one of the most popular options for projector screen consumers, they have many merits that other kind of projector screens don’t.

If you are looking to build a professional home theater, fixed projector screen is an ideal option for you, especially when you are a big fan of “big picture”. Fixed projector screen can bring you the similar cinematic experience that a large-size HDTV will get you and cost you much lesser.

Another advantage of fixed projector screen is that it’s always available for you, no need of pull up or down before you start watching shows, no need of roll it up after you finish viewing. Whenever you feel like to start a movie journey, you just sink down on your couch and turn on the projector. Whenever you need to stop, just turn off the projector then walk away.

Being fixed to the wall also reduces the risk of causing blends and waves while pulling down or up the screen. These damages can impact badly to the lifespan of projector screen. What’s more, you would notice the curves or folds when you are watching movies or shows on the screen, imagine how distractive and frustrative that could be.

Fixed projector screen cons

But nothing is perfect, I won’t say fixed projector screen is the best choice on any aspects. Because convenient as it is, it tends to be deoxidized and discolored more easily. If you have kids at your home, be careful to keep them away from the fixed screen, lest the kid damage the screen.  

If you are just looking to enjoy yourself for a movie afternoon on some weekends, or finding yourself more options for entertainment life, the various portable projector screens are cool as well, so do the ceiling-mounted projector screen and motorized projector screen.