How to Choose Home Projector Screen?

The projector screen is an important part of your home projector setup. This video covers the 4 things you need to know when deciding on

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Top 5 Best Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screens on Amazon 2021

This video will show you the Best Inflatable Projector Screen on Amazon 2021, which sold more and more times on amazon. You will find the

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Top 6 Projector Screen Material: Pros and Cons

Projector screens are bigger than ever. From home theaters to classrooms, projectors have a lot of perks. While choosing the right projector is already a


Projector Screen with Stand 2021: Best for Outdoors and Indoors

This post lists the top 5 best Projector Screen with Stand in 2021. These screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Top 5


Expensive Projector Screens vs Cheap Projector Screens

Screens may look similar, but their prices are varied. What are the differences between expensive projectors and cheap projectors? Is it necessary to spend too

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The Top 5 Key Parameters for Choosing a Good Screen

A good screen can better deliver the image of your projector. There are 5 key parameters for you to choose a good screen. Gain Gain

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Can the Projection Screen be Used Directly as a Curtain?

The projection screen cannot be directly used as a curtain. If it is used as a curtain, the service life of the projection screen will


How To Build A DYI Projector Screen

This video will teach you how to build a DIY projector screen. The material mentioned in the video is easy to get. Just follow the

How to Build and Hang a Projector Screen

How to Build and Set Up a Projector Screen

Do you want to get a special DIY screen? You can do it by yourself. Here is a video telling you how to build and

tripod Projector Screen
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How to Choose a Tripod Projector Screen?

Tripod Projector screens are popular among projector users because it is suitable for both outdoor, commercial and home use. Why You Should Pick a Tripod

Tripod Projector Screen

Celexon 80 inch Ultralight Portable Tripod Projector Screen

Celexon 80 inch Ultralight Portable Tripod Projector Screen has only 11 pounds, easy to set up. The tripod projector screen includes a canvas carry case

tripod projector screen

Portable Tripod Projector Screen For Outdoor Use

These Portable Tripod Projector Screen are Amazing for watching Movies Indoor or Outdoors.

How To Setup A Tripod Projector Screen

How To Setup A Tripod Projector Screen?

How To Setup A Tripod Screen? Follow these steps to set up your tripod screen: 1 – Hold the screen in an upright position with

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Projector Screen Cleaning Tips: How to Correctly Clean Your Projector Screen?

The projector screen will inevitably accumulate dust or be contaminated with various stains after long-term use.  If too much dust or stains accumulate on it,

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How to Choose The Correct Size of Projector Screen?

Many projector beginners believe that the size of the projection screen is the bigger the better. They conceive of an ultra-big screen can give a

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What is ALR Screen? How it Works?

Many projector fans know that ALR screen can improve the image effect of projectors. This article will tell you the working mechanism of this kind


How to make a projector screen?

This is a video of DIY screen, which tell you how to make a screen by yourself. Most of the material can be found in

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What to do if the Projector Screen is Too Dark?

Some projector users may come across a dark projector screen when they use projectors. This article will list solutions to the problem. Case 1 Pollution

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What kind of Screen Material You Should Buy for Your Projector?

There are too many kinds of screens made of various materials. How to pick a proper one for your projector? This article will list different


Choosing A Projector Screen – Everything You Need To Know

This is a full guide to choosing a projector screen. This guide covers everything from screen types, size, brightness, gain, color, texture, ambient light rejection