How to Clean a Projector Screen?

In this guide, we will share methods to clean a projector screen. It is worth noting that Glass beaded screen is not washable as the cleaning process will remove the glass beads. You can use a feather duster or other brushes with soft materials to clean it if the screen is covered by too much dust.

How to Clean a Projector Screen?

In this section, we will explain how to clean screens based on different pollution types.

1. Small Stains and Dust

  • Use a feather duster to whisk the dust away.
  • If there are non-impregnated stains, you can use an eraser to gently wipe them away. It is recommended to use a white eraser to avoid color residue.
How to Clean a Projector Screen?

2. Large Stains or Liquid Stains

If the projector is polluted by water stains, you can just dry it with a dryer, if not, you need to choose to use a cleaner.

  • The cleaner is recommended to be PH neutral to avoid corrosion of the screen.
  • Avoid oily or bright agent cleaners, and choose water-based or volatile foam cleaners to avoid damage to the screen.
  • As the surface of the screen is uneven, wiping tools should be the polymer sponge.

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3. Oil Stain

It is troublesome and difficult to clean oil stains compared with other stains. Here are the cleaning steps.

  • Use a cotton ball dipped in a small amount of degreaser, and fade it quickly.
  • Dilute with pure water or neutral detergent, and absorb dry as soon as possible.

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