What is the difference between a 4:3 projection screen and a 16:9 projection screen?

4:3 vs 16:9 Projector Screen: Which Should I Choose?

If your projector is mostly used to watch DVDs, buy a 16:9 screen. Now 90% of DVD video is 16:9 picture. Although there are a lot of 2.35:1, but if the subtitle area is included, it needs 16:9 to be fully displayed. If your projector is mainly used to play games, and the resolution supported by the game is mainly 4:3, then buy a 4:3 screen. If you want to take care of both, a 4:3 screen can also display a 16:9 screen, but there will be blanks in the upper and lower parts of the screen. The 16:9 screen can also display the 4:3 screen, and the left and right parts of the screen will be left blank.

4:3 vs 16:9 Projector Screen: Which Should I Choose?

In fact, it is a problem of ratio. 16:9 was first derived from the cutting of the LCD panel. Compared with the whole LCD panel, the ratio of 4:3 discards more parts, while 16:9 or 16 The LCD panel is cut with a ratio of 10:10, and almost no part is discarded, so the production cost is greatly reduced, and compared with the human eye’s vision, 16:9 is also more in line with human visual habits.

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