Projectors are necessary for multiple reasons. Their functions and ease make them mandatory for a school auditorium, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor conferences, and churches. However, which company manufactures the best DLP projectors globally is a question. Anyhow, it seems simple and easy, but the question is still complicated. That’s why many factors define a projector as the number one in the market. These factors may be an affordable, high-quality resolution, premium image display, top-notch screen, supreme inbuilt speakers, and many more.

There’s are several projectors manufacturers available in the market. However, the top 5 we choose are the ones we will discuss for you.


BenQ is a company that manufactures one of the best projectors in the world and operates from Taiwan. Surprisingly, BenQ is the abbreviation for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life.” The company gained recognition in the market after splitting from Acer in 2001. Furthermore, BenQ is a multinational company with 1500 employees working in 100 countries and manufacturing top-quality DLP projectors. Their DLP projectors are single chips and effectively minimize the rainbow effect due to the re-reflection of the image. Therefore, the company is famous for multiple reasons, including:

  • Cost-effective projectors
  • High-quality DLP projectors and their top-notch precise results
  • Pioneer of single-chip DLP projectors in the Market

Epson Projectors

Epson is also another famous name in projector manufacturers operating from Japan. They are rooted in world-renowned Seiko watchmakers. Now, their recognition is their superior quality LCD projectors. Moreover, the same company is also acknowledged for its services for innovation of inkjet printers. Following are the reasons for recognition for the company:

  • Sell 50% of LCD projectors in the world
  • First Digital watches manufacturer
  • Premium quality DLP projectors under economical rates

LG Projectors

The company is operating from South Korea and has gained popularity globally due to its premium electronics. However, the same company is also on the list of the top 5 best projector producers globally. They are affordable, budget-friendly, and manufacture their best Projector after considering the people’s requirements. In addition, LG takes credit for the following reasons:

  • Short and ultra-short projectors
  • DLP projectors
  • Affordable prices

Optoma Projectors

This company fulfills the demand as far as its name matters. The term “beautiful optics” or perfect vision describes the motivation and determination for its cause. They produce the top-class DLP projectors in the world.

  • Single-chip DLP projectors are their specialty for many years
  • High-end quality within pocket-friendly prices

Panasonic Projectors

The world-class company with premium features and top-notch quality does not demand any acknowledgment. Also, Its quality illustrates the reason for high demand in the market. Their projectors are a mark of the high esteem in the Market. Further, the followings are the reasons for the recognition of the Panasonic projectors:

  • Three chip DLP Projectors
  • 3LCD Projector
  • Single-chip DLP projector
  • High-quality with high prices