There are so many projectors in the market making us confused. It is hard to define best, but relatively easy to pick a proper one. So, how to pick a proper one?

When you browse projectors on the internet, you can pay attention to the following factors.

1 ANSI Lumen

ANSI Lumen is a vital parameter in the projector area. Generally, the bigger the figure, the brighter the screen we can see, so pay special attention to this parameter when purchasing.

ANSI lumen widely applied in home cinema is about 2,000 ANSI Lumen. You can choose one with ANSI Lumen as high as possible within your budget.

2 Imaging Technology

Presently, LCD (liquid crystal panel display technology) and DLP (digital optical processing technology) are the mainstream projection technologies of smart projectors in the market. 

Credit: ViewSonic

If you want a brighter image just pick an LCD-based projector.

3 Resolution

The basic level of projectors in the market is generally 720P, and a few are 1080p, and some high-end projectors are equipped with 4K.

If your budget is limited, you can just choose 1080P.

4 Throw Ratio

The throw ratio represents the ratio between throw distance and image width.

If your room is not spacious enough, you’d better pick a projector with a small throw ratio.

5 Projection Image Size

Projectors on the market will label the screen or image size range on the parameter table or specification table, for example, an image size range of 40-200 inches.

Common home projectors have an image size range of 30-200 inches. However, you should check the recommended image size range. Recommended image size range is the clear and quality image size range the projector can project. For example, if a projector’s size range is 30-200 inches, and the recommended clear image size range may be 50-120 inches.

If you want a big and clear image size in your bedroom, you can buy a short-throw projector.

6 Projector Size or Type

There are many mini projectors in the market, which are portable and cheap, for example, HP Projector CC200, Dangbei C2, Xming Q1, QKK, and ViewSonic M2.

If you buy projectors for outdoor use or business trips. You can choose this kind. Last, if you need a projector for home use, you can buy mid-to-high-end home cinema projectors.