• Brightness: Lumen vs ANSI Lumen

Brightness is one of the most important indicators when it refers to projector purchase. To attract more consumers, some projector provider will market their products with amazingly high lumen.

However, the real parameter you should look is ANSI lumen instead of lumen. The former is a standard defined by the American National Standards Institute, which can reflect the true brightness provided by the projector.

  • Resolution: Native Resolution Vs Supported Resolution

Higher resolution can deliver a clearer image. So, most of consumers will check the resolution before purchase.

You may see two resolution numbers in the specification table. But only the native resolution, also called as physical resolution, can reflect the exact pixels of projectors.

 To get a good image experience, the native resolution is at least a full HD with 1080P and of course 4K is better.

Therefore, we can only see 4K in the supported resolution box for most of projectors with acceptable price, which means the projector can play the 4k video by transferring it into lower resolution.

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