A projector replaces the Television from our homes and helps us create beautiful memories together. Multiple factors, including ultra-short throw, lamp replacement cost, and maintenance cost of a projector, define a customer’s choice. The top 5 most wanted and popular 4k projectors in the market are their premium quality, affordability, and great portability. Also, there is no doubt that maintenance cost and lamp replacement price also play a massive role in choosing between projectors in the market.

BenQ V7050i

This one is one of the best 4K projectors in the market, having 2500 lumens and a laser light source. The image display is about 70-120 inches diagonal, and premium pixels make it suitable for a collection of 1080HD images. Further, a built-in, not premium, but a modest speaker with a 5-watt speaker pair makes it a perfect choice. The price ranges from 3300$ to 3500$ in the market, but it is still cheaper than many others.

The styling is also adding a distinctive class to this Projector. The motorized sliding cover makes it distinguishing and remarkably attractive for viewers. In addition, the throw-up ratio of 0.23:1 makes it a world-class 4k Projector.

Epson LS300

The list is incomplete when discussing world-class premium 4k projectors until we appreciate this masterpiece. The Epson LS300 with 3600 lumens and laser light source is a lightweight product in the market. The smallest throw ratio is 60 inches; on the other hand, the largest one is 120 inches. You can avail it in white or black color as well.

This 4k Projector with Chromecast inbuilt and mic-enabled remote supports android features for display. The price range varies from built-in functions and including a pairing screen. However, the estimated cost is 2000$ to 4000$ as per the inches size.

Hisense L9G Tri-chroma Series

The latest model of this 4k Projector is offering the bright 3000 lumens with the best lasers ever. The brightness and premium picture mode make it a competitive market with an economical price range. The 16:9 premium screen display with a 40-watt top-class sonic system makes it a top choice for those with an eye for the projectors. Moreover, it supports Android functions and applications and displays the best features of the light-rejecting architecture. Therefore, it is one of the best 4k projectors for dim room display purposes. The price ranges from 5499$ to 5999$ according to the screen type.


This 4K projector is of supreme quality with modest sonic functions but proves an excellent TV replacement in the market. The unbelievable operations support Alexa and other voice control devices. Further, the 2700 lumen displays a 90-120 inches screen size display. The 4k Projector came with laser-phosphor light source pair with a DLP chip that supports the pixel-free image. Also, this beauty has a beautiful collection when placed in the living room. LG claims that you can put it in front or mount it on the ceiling. The price is about 4800$ without a screen.

Samsung LSP9T

This Projector is the top-class 4k Projector because of its affordable price range and ultra-short display that supports a premium image view. The top-master piece with the premium artifact is supported by the 2800 lumen. The long laser life of about 20000 watch hours makes it highly affordable due to fewer maintenance charges. NFC-enabled screen mirroring, Alexa-voice, and Samsung Bixby voice assistant are also available in this type of Projector. The price range varies from 6400$ to 6600$, excluding the pairing screen.

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