Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Unboxing
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Dangbei Mars Pro Unboxing and Real Shoot|4K Projector 2022

Dangbei Mars Pro is a hot 4K projector on the market. How about this projector? In this post, we will share the Dangbei Mars Pro

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Best 4K Projector Under $2000 for 2022

Compared with a TV, a projector brings a bigger screen and provides an immersive viewing experience. If you want to use the projector for TV

Optoma CinemaX P2 setup
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Optoma CinemaX P2 4K Projector Setup Guide

Optoma CinemaX P2 is a popular 4K projector on the market. The projector has an easy setup. You can follow the steps below to set

NEBULA Cosmos Laser 4K v XGIMI Horizon Pro

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K vs XGIMI Horizon Pro|4K Projector

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K and XGIMI Horizon Pro are both compact 4K laser projectors. What are the differences between them? Which is better? The author


Best 4K Projectors Reviews for 2022

The Best 4K Projectors listed below: Asakuki 4k Projector =>0:59 Fangor 5G WiFi Projector => 3:06 WiMiUS K1 Video Projector => 5:37 Video author: Consumer

Top 5 Best 4K Projectors in Market
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Top 5 Best 4K Projectors in Market

A projector replaces the Television from our homes and helps us create beautiful memories together. Multiple factors, including ultra-short throw, lamp replacement cost, and maintenance


Top 5 Best 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projectors

So many 4K ultra-short throw projectors have been released in 2021. This post will select the top 5 among the new 4K ultra-short throw projectors.

MaxAngel M1
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MaxAngel Releases MaxAngel M1 4K UST Laser Projector

MaxAngel, a startup launched in 2019, has released a new 4K projector MaxAngel M1 in December 2021.  The startup claims that MaxAngel M1 is the

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10 Best 4K Projectors for Home Theater

Best 4K Laser Projector for Home Theater will transform any room into a spectacular home theater. They will immerse you with their incredible picture quality

4K projector comparison

4K Projectors Review: Asakuki VS Fangor VS WiMiUS

This post will review and compare the best 3 projectors. Asakuki VS Fangor VS WiMiUS, which 4K projector you should buy? ★ BEST OVERALL 4K

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Top 6 Best 4K Projectors for 2023

Before I got my home theatre system set up, one of my biggest worries was about the projector. The projector is the most important part

JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7
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JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 Buying Guide and Brief Review

JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 is positioned as a high-end home projector featuring high resolution and high contrast. Appearance JVC 4K Projector DLA-NX7 uses black as


BenQ W1800i 4k Projector Review

BenQ w1800i is a popular 4k projector. This video will review the projector from a user’s perspective, such as quality and performance. Highlights BenQ CinematicColor™


Best 4K Projector For Home Theater & Gaming

4K projectors are widely available. While there are numerous native 4K projectors that display 8 million pixels, many of them use pixel-shifting technology to obtain

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What is 4K Resolution and How to Select a 4K Projector

4K Resolution 4K resolution belongs to ultra-high definition resolution. At this resolution, the audience will be able to see every detail and close-up in the