Dangbei Mars Pro is a hot 4K projector on the market. How about this projector? In this post, we will share the Dangbei Mars Pro unboxing and real shoots of the 4K laser projector, helping you to see its appearance and image performance clearly.

Dangbei Mars Pro Unboxing

The Dangbei Mars Pro unboxing includes the following aspects, the introduction of the package, appearance, image, features, connectivity, system, and audio.

Dangbei Mars Pro Package

The 4K laser projector adopts a deep-black package and looks cool and delicate. In the package, you can see the mark of the iF design award and a shining Mars Pro mark on the front side of the package. The workmanship of the package is exquisite.  

When you unpack the package, then you can see the Dangbei Mars Pro, user manual, power cord, power adapter, and a Bluetooth remote, which is typical for a common 4K projector.

Dangbei Mars Pro unboxing

Dangbei Mars Pro Appearance

When you look at the laser projector at the first glance, you will be attracted by its shining and glossy panel and shining brand logo.

Dangbei Mars Pro adopts a glass IML suspension panel as the body and uses aircraft-grade aluminum as the frame, combining hardness and flexibility. The adoption of glass makes it light and delicate.

Dangbei Mars Pro Review

The workmanship of the 4K laser projector is fine in view of its sleek lines and caring design. When you press the power button on the top panel made of the glass panel, you can feel the touch is pleasant and soft. You can see a shining golden logo of Dangbei Mars Pro and a 4K mark on the front panel of the projector.

The projector has surrounded a perforated aluminum body to promote heat dissipation.

Dangbei Mars Pro Light Source

Dangbei Mars Pro adopts an ALPD laser as the light source, which can produce bright images with 3,200 ANSI lumens. The laser light source has an expected lamp life of more than 20,000 hours, much longer than traditional lamp-based projectors. Compared with LED, the laser light source is better in terms of brightness, color performance, lamp life, and power consumption.

Dangbei Mars Pro UI

After introducing the appearance and light source, let’s see the UI. Dangbei Mars Pro has a smart Emotn UI and you can edit the wallpaper at will. It has a weather gadget so that you can check whether conveniently.

At the bottom of the homepage, you can add and edit the apps that you like. By means of the projector, you can watch videos on YouTube and other similar streaming platforms conveniently.

Dangbei Mars Pro Image

As mentioned above, the projector is rated at 3,200 ANSI lumens and produces bright images even during the daytime without rolling off your curtains. As for resolution, the 4K UHD resolution provides more than 8 million pixels for the images, and you can get more details of the image.

Dangbei Mars Pro supports HDR 10 and MEMC, which can enhance the image quality when you play videos of sports. You can adjust the degree of the MEMC based on your need. The projector has got TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, which is much healthier for your eyes.

The laser projector supports multiple picture modes and you can alter it according to your viewing scenarios and preference.

Let’s see the image performance of the projector.

It is worth noting that Dangbei Mars Pro can project at most 300 inches, providing an immersive viewing experience. The projector supports 3D and you can enjoy 3D movies at home by wearing active shutter 3D glasses.

Dangbei Mars Pro Features

Different from the multimedia projectors, Dangbei Mars pro has many cool and advanced features, including auto focus, auto keystone correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and smart screen alignment. You have no need to adjust the focus and correct the keystone manually.

What you need is just to enable these functions in the setting. You can also disable these automatic functions if you want to adjust them manually.

Dangbei Mars Pro Connectivity

Let’s move to connectivity. For wireless connectivity, Dangbei Mars Pro supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, meaning that you can connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. It also supports wireless screen mirroring, making phone connection quick and convenient.

Regarding wired connectivity, the projector is equipped with versatile interfaces, including 2 HDMI interfaces (for computers, TV sticks, game consoles, and other devices), 2 USB 2.0 interfaces (for USB Flash Drive and other devices), 1 S/PDIF interface, 1 RJ45 LAN, and 1 3.5 mm Earphone port. The HDMI supports HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4, compatible with various videos.

Dangbei Mars Pro System

The smart projector is powered by an Android system and you can watch streaming shows without connecting the projector to some streaming devices such as TV sticks, or Apple TV. You can download hundreds of apps and resources on the app store.

Dangbei Mars Pro carries an MT9669 chip and has a large memory of 4G RAM and 128G ROM, ensuring smooth operation and quick response. The large memory enables you to download many videos and play them in an offline environment. You can see the available storage and optimize the system conveniently by clicking the desktop gadget.

Dangbei Mars Pro Gaming Performance

A giant screen can enhance the gaming experience, but the more important parameter is the input lag. Dangbei Mars Pro has a low input lag of 20ms and a dedicated game mode, so you can maximize the fun of gaming. After a real test, the game experience is good enough and the response is quick enough.

Dangbei Mars Pro Audio

The laser projector has two built-in 20W speakers and the sound is powerful and sonorous. You can switch to Bluetooth mode to enjoy more excellent audio effects as the optical machine will turn off when the Bluetooth mode is on.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Unboxing

Dangbei Mars Pro supports Dolby Audio & DTS, and you can enjoy the better sound with high fidelity from different platforms. You can also alter different audio outputs when connecting the projector to other devices. For example, you can choose PCM mode when connecting it to DVD player.

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Dangbei Mars Pro is excellent on the whole in view of its cost-effective pricing ($1,809), delicate workmanship, convenient UI, sharp images, convenient connectivity, and decent audio.

That’s all for the Dangbei Mars Pro unboxing. Herby to appreciate some images from the YouTuber (CoiSas DGeekS Projections).

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