A good projector can be a TV replacement. In this post, the author compares the top 4 hot smart projectors for TV replacement on the market, including BenQ X3000i, Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K, Dangbei Mars Pro, and XGIMI Horizon Pro, helping you to know their differences and make a wise decision.

The comparison results are based on the review and real test of YouTube influencer, The Hook Up.

Overview: Best Projector to Replace TV

BenQ X3000i, Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K, Dangbei Mars Pro, and XGIMI Horizon Pro are all smart and modern projectors with 4K resolution, stylish designs, and smart features.

ModelsBenQ X3000iNebula Cosmos Laser 4KDangbei Mars ProXGIMI Horizon Pro
Light source4LEDLaserLaserLED

Then, let’s see the features of the four projectors one by one.

BenQ X3000i

It is the hugest one among the four projectors. BenQ X3000i features small input lag and high brightness, which are suitable for gamers.

In terms of connectivity, BenQ X3000i has two HDMI interfaces and USB ports. You can connect the projector to other external devices conveniently.

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K

This projector is a new release revealed during CES 2022. It features a laser light source and 4K resolution, which are rare in portable projectors on the market.

For interfaces, it has one HDMI interface and USB port, which can satisfy various connection needs.

Dangbei Mars Pro

Dangebi Mars Pro is a hot 4K projector for home theater use. The projector features high brightness and a laser light source, bringing sharp images.

In terms of ports, Dangbei Mars Pro is equipped with 2 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB ports, LAN, and audio interfaces, which is compatible with various devices, such as computer, game consoles, smartphones, TV sticks, and more.

XGIMI Horizon Pro

This projector is also a popular 4K projectors on the market. It adopts 3LED light sources and has 2200 ANSI lumens.

For interfaces, the projector has 2 HDMI interfaces and 2 USB interfaces, which can be connected to various devices.


The Hook Up (YouTuber) takes a real test of the brightness of the four projectors based on the ANSI lumens measurement.

The results show that Dangbei Mars Pro has the highest brightness, then followed by BenQ X3000i, which conforms to the brightness ranks based on their publicly labeled brightness on the product details page.

Through the comparison above, we can see that the Dangbei Mars Pro has a better image effect among the four projectors.


The image contrast is one of the top parameters contributing to a good image, which can show the details of an image. The higher the contrast, the more details in the projection image.

According to the real test results, BenQ X3000i has the highest contrast, then followed by Dangbei Mars Pro and Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K. XGIMI Horizon Pro has the lowest contrast ratio.

You can see the test images above to understand their differences. Though the contrast of the Dangbei Mars Pro is slightly lower than BenQ X3000i, the image effect of the Dangbei Mars Pro is the best among the four projectors.


A cinematic viewing effect requires good sound effects. As BenQ X3000i, Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K, Dangbei Mars Pro, and XGIMI Horizon Pro have different speakers, they have different characteristics.

XGIMI Horizon Pro

  • Clean and loud
  • Good bass
  • Clear vocals

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K

  • Loud
  • Good bass
  • Muddy vocals

Dangbei Mars Pro

  • Good bass
  • Poor treble
  • Quiet

BenQ X3000i

  • Loud
  • No bass
  • Tinny

Fan Noise

Noise may be annoying when you watch a movie in a quiet environment. If you think highly of the noise, you should compare the fan noise of the projector before making a decision.

ModelsBenQ X3000iNebula Cosmos Laser 4KDangbei Mars ProXGIMI Horizon Pro
Fan Noise41 dB38 dB34 dB35 dB
Noise levelLoudestModerately loudLow noiseQuite higher

Power Consumption

Among the four projectors, BenQ X3000i has the highest power consumption, but its power consumption is still lower than an 85” TV.

Input lag

The author tests the four projectors under the same condition of 4K 60 Hz. If the input lag is long, the video play suffers more delay, bringing a poor viewing effect.

The result shows that BenQ X3000i has the lowest input lag.

That’s no surprise in view of its market position as a gaming projector. Nebula laser 4K projector is positioned as a portable projector, and it has the biggest input lag.

Android System

All four projectors have a built-in Android system, but they have slight differences. Nebula laser 4K is the only one with Netflix certification. Compared to the other three projectors, Dangbei Mars Pro is poor in terms of smart systems.

You can buy a TV stick to access more streaming Apps such as Netflix and YouTube.


BenQ X3000i, Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K, Dangbei Mars Pro, and XGIMI Horizon Pro have their own pros and cons.

Good for gamingBenQ X3000i
Good for TravelNebula Cosmos Laser 4K
Well roundedXGIMI Horizon Pro
Best OverallDangbei Mars Pro

BenQ X3000i is a good projector for gaming, and Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is good for travel. XGIMI Horizon Pro is well-rounded while Dangbei Mars Pro is the best overall.

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