Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector is a new launched high-end home projector in 2022, with resolution of 3840*2160 and 3200 ANSI Lumens. Also it is featured with auto focus, saving the users lot of trouble adjusting the focus. How to set up focus settings on Dangbei Mars Pro?

Here are 3 methods for you to complete the task.

  • Method 1:

Hold to press the side key, on the remote control, then you would have directly set up automatic focus adjustment mode.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector

It’s a shortcut for you to complete the auto focus setting with one touch. Also you can finish the auto focus setting in the Menu, see method 2.

  • Method 2:

Go to Settings in the Menu, then enter Focus, select Auto focus.

  • Method 3:

If you want to adjust the focus by yourself, go to Settings in the Menu, then enter Focus, select Manual focus.

How to manually adjust focus?

Project an image on the screen as a reference, press the up/down of the navigation key to adjust the focus until the image is nicely sharp and clear.