Dangbei Mars Pro is a smart projector released in 2022, which has access to hundreds of video APPs. If you want to take a screenshot on the projector, you can follow the guide below.

Dangbei Mars Pro

As the projector has no dedicated button for screenshots, you need to connect your keyboard to the projector.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. Get a keyboard (You can just use the keyboard of your PC).

2. Connect the keyboard to Dangbei Mars Pro via a USB port.

Dangbei Mars Pro interface

3. Press the FN key and PS (Print Screen) key simultaneously on the keyboard. If you can’t find the PS button on your keyboard, you can press FN and PrtSc SysRq simultaneously (Some keyboards can take screenshot by just pressing PrtSc key).

keyboard screenshot

4. Then, you can take a screenshot. You can use a USB flash drive and copy the screenshot picture.

That’s all for the guide for the Dangbei Mars Pro screenshot.

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