The JMGO N1S Ultra laser projector offers a fresh visual and auditory experience with its advanced features.

  1. Pure Tricolor Laser Technology

The JMGO N1S Ultra 4K projector utilizes the latest pure tricolor laser technology, which, compared to traditional hybrid tricolor laser technology, provides higher color reproduction and a wider color gamut. With its 4K ultra-high definition resolution, it ensures sharpness and rich detail in images, while its 3000CVIA lumens brightness ensures clear visibility even in daylight.

  1. MT9679 Flagship Chip

Powered by the MT9679 flagship chip, the JMGO N1S projector stands out as a new contender in the realm of high-end projection products. This chip boasts powerful processing capabilities, effortlessly handling high-resolution videos and complex images with ease.

  1. Flexible Tilting Design

Setting itself apart from traditional fixed projectors, the JMGO N1S Ultra 4K projector features a notable flexible tilting design. Users can easily adjust the projection angle, enabling projection in any direction – be it up, down, left, or right – to cater to different viewing angles. This design significantly enhances the projector’s versatility and suitability for various settings, whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, or conference room.

  1. HDR 10 Technology

The JMGO N1S Ultra 4K also supports HDR 10 technology, enhancing the dynamic range of images to make highlights brighter and shadows darker, resulting in richer detail and more vivid colors.

In summary, the JMGO N1S Ultra 4K projector delivers a new visual and auditory experience with its advanced pure tricolor laser technology, powerful chip, flexible tilting design, support for HDR 10, and exceptional brightness performance.