At the 2024 Dangbei Spring New Product Launch Event, the Dangbei X5S projector was officially unveiled, highlighting high brightness and high performance, boasting 2450 CVIA lumens brightness and featuring the new Super Dynamic Stand. The official price for the new product is RMB 4999(about $690), with sales starting on the evening of April 27th.

According to the official details, the Dangbei X5S projector introduces the ALPD laser source used in high-end cinemas, effectively solving speckle and color edge issues from the source, ensuring comfortable and eye-friendly visuals. With its exceptional brightness reaching 2450 CVIA lumens, the picture is clear without distortion, allowing prolonged viewing without eye strain, free from limitations of time and space.

The newly added all-in-one Super Dynamic Stand features an aluminum alloy cantilever combined with a carbon steel pivot, supporting 360° rotation without dead angles and 120° infinite hovering. The turntable is stable without jitter, and through intelligent operations such as auto-focus, automatic screen retraction, smart obstacle avoidance, adaptive brightness, and glare-free eye protection, real-time AI picture correction is achieved, ensuring instant square images.

The product is powered by the MT9679 flagship chip with a built-in 4GB+64GB large memory. It supports the self-developed Quantum Engine 2.0, providing higher application installation speed and smoother app operation compared to the previous generation. Equipped with USB 3.0 and full-blooded HDMI 2.1 interfaces, it also supports XSuper super resolution, AI-PQ, reshaping picture details, automatically recognizing scenes, and achieving intelligent image enhancement.

Furthermore, the Dangbei X5S projector supports up to 120Hz MEMC motion compensation for smooth high-speed motion pictures. With a built-in 600ml large sound chamber, the 12W symmetrical dual stereo full-range speaker presents a full stereo field, supporting viper sound effects, Dolby & dts X decoding.

In terms of the system, the Dangbei X5S projector is equipped with the new “Light, Fast, Free” Dangbei OS 4.1. The system presets hundreds of usage scenarios and allows custom commands based on multiple preset conditions, such as setting “automatically start Bilibili at 7 pm from Monday to Friday” or “reduce brightness, enter eye protection mode, and start children’s mode automatically”. It also includes 9 preset modes, including daily binge-watching, night mode, continuous use reminders, ambient mode at startup, mute startup at night, daytime mode, sleep mode, and high volume reminders.

The system also supports fast 6-second boot, ad-free screen casting, quick center, modular dynamic component DIY, light and shadow lyric show, large screen cloud gaming, remote control retrieval, and enables split-screen functionality, allowing two screens for simultaneous operations like watching series and browsing short videos.

Dangbei is the head brand in the field of home intelligent projection at present, and the X series is its high-end flagship series products, which focus on laser highlighting. Globally, Dangbei has also launched the Dangbei Mars series of laser projectors. I believe that this new product can also bring a new round of vitality to the market.