XGIMI Play5 Projector to be Released: Portable Cylinder Design

XGIMI is gearing up to unveil its latest innovation, the Play5 projector, scheduled to make its debut on April 24th. Preliminary information suggests that the


XGIMI HORIZON Max Projector Introduction

The XGIMI HORIZON Max is a smart projector introduced by XGIMI at CES 2024. It features XGIMI’s latest Dual Light 2.0 technology to deliver stunning


Dual Light 2.0 Technology Principles Unveiled

In recent years, the home laser projection market has been experiencing rapid growth, with users having increasingly higher demands for projection image quality. Innovation and


XGIMI RS 10 Mini Projector, What are the Features?

XGIMI has recently introduced the RS 10 Mini projector, and here are the features. The standout feature of the XGIMI RS 10 Mini projector is


What is the XGIMI Dual Light 2.0 Technology?

At CES 2024, XGIMI introduced the world’s first IMAX Enhanced certified projector, the XGIMI Horizon Max 4K Projector. Adding to its innovative lineup, XGIMI also


XGIMI Unveils Aladdin Projector at CES 2024

XGIMI unveils the Aladdin projector at CES 2024, a hanging projector designed to function as a ceiling light. Priced at 129,800 Japanese Yen, the Aladdin


XGIMI Horizon Max 4K Projector Released at CES 2024

XGIMI has launched its latest smart projector, the Horizon Max, at CES 2024. This model follows the success of the previous Horizon Ultra, boasting impressive


XGIMI Play3 Projector: Enhanced Brightness and Versatile Swivel Design

On September 21st, XGIMI unveiled its latest creation, the Play3 projector, emphasizing increased brightness and introducing a versatile swivel design. This product caters to the

XGIMI Projector
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How to Change the Language in the XGIMI Projector?

XGIMI Projector supports multiple language, covering most of the major languages. Users can choose the language they prefer. If you need to view the projector’s

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How to Play 3D Videos on XGIMI Aura?

XGIMI Aura supports the 3D feature, you can do as follows to play 3D videos via the projector. 1. When playing videos, one-click on the

XGIMI Aura vs XGIMI Horizon Pro

XGIMI Aura vs XGIMI Horizon Pro: 4K Projectos Comparison

XGIMI Aura and XGIMI Horizon Pro are both 4K projectors released this year. What are the differences between them? Which one you should buy? This

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How to Install APP on XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

XGIMI HORIZON Pro is a smart projector, which supports various APP. This post will tell you that how to install APPs on XGIMI HORIZON Pro.


XGIMI Elfin: The Best Projector

Elfin boasts incredible brightness, booming sound, and crystal-clear 1080p resolution, all in a lightweight, thin build no larger than a book. Slip Elfin easily into


XGIMI Aura Review| A NEW 4K Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

XGIMI Aura is new 4k Ultra Short Throw laser projector released by XGIMI. XGIMI Aura is rated at 2,400 ANSI lumens, delivering excellent brightness and

XGIMI Aura 4K UST Laser Projector

XGIMI New Release: XGIMI Aura 4K UST Laser Projector

XGIMI recently launched a new 4k Ultra Short Throw laser projector: XGIMI Aura, heating up the crowded 4K UST projector market. Appearance The projector uses

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How to Sideload Android Apps on Your XGIMI Projector?

Here is a guide for you to sideload Android Package (APK) from the internet on your XGIMI projector. Step 1 Change the APK suffix to

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How to Mirror the Screen of Your Device on XGIMI?

You can mirror all kinds of devices to your XGIMI projector, for example, smartphone, or laptops. This article lists 3 ways for you to stream

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How to Use the Auto-focus Function of XGIMI Projectors?

XGIMI projectors are smart projectors that support auto and manual focus. You can do as follows and use Auto-focus function. 1. Switch the function key

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How to Get Serial Number of Your XGIMI Projector?

A serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to your XGIMI projector.  You may need the number when you need repair or


XGIMI HORIZON Pro – Outdoor Camping Party Tips

How should you play with an outdoor projector? In this video, J. Marian shows you the process of setting up an outdoor projector.