XGIMI projectors are smart projectors that support auto and manual focus. You can do as follows and use Auto-focus function.

1. Switch the function key on the remote control to the right, and the device will automatically focus.

2. Turn on “Autofocus when power on” by means of your remote control and the projector will automatically be focused when turned on.

If you want to adjust the focus manually after Auto-focus, you can switch the function key on the remote control to the right, and press the +/- button to manually adjust the focus.

If the image is still unclear after adjusting focus, you can try to do as following steps.

  • Check whether the projector lens is dirty, and try to clean the lens with a wipe cloth.
  • Check whether the XGIMI projector is aligned with the screen. If the projector and the screen are not aligned, the image quality may be decreased because of auto image adjustment.
  • Check the resolution setting when you connect the projector to an external device, such as a computer. The resolution should not exceed the resolution of the projector.

When you use the projector, try to place the XGIMI projector on a flat surface and make sure the projector is perpendicular to the screen. If the image is not rectangular, you can adjust the image by means of keystone correction.

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