Many projector fans choose the projector because of its large screen and immersive viewing effect. Therefore, a blurry image may be ruinous. In this guide, we are going to solve the projector blurry image problem and provide troubleshooting solutions concerning projector images.

Why Is My Projector Blurry?

You can check the following causes that make your projector blurry.

The Projector is Out of Focus

The projector may be out of focus if the image is blurry. The first thing you should do is to adjust focus. Most smart projectors support autofocus, you can still use the manual focus if the image is still not clear enough.

The Lens is Dirty or Suffers Condensation

The projector lens is vital for projection images. If the lens of the projector is dirty, the projection image may be blurry. You can use a soft cloth to clean the dust or dirt on the lens regularly. In addition, you can cover the projector with the lens cover when you are not using the projector. You can not place the projector in a cold environment to avoid condensation inside the lens.

The Projector is Still Covered by Lens Cover

If the projection image is strange in colors and blurry. The projector may be covered lens cover. You can try to remove the lens cover and try again. The lens is fragile and therefore the projector lens will be protected by a cover to avoid break-up during transportation.

The Projector and Screen Are Not Aligned Correctly

To make the image clear, the projector and the screen should be aligned properly. You can adjust the position to improve the image quality. That’s because if the projector and the screen are not aligned, the projector may start automatically zoom in, which results in a blurry image.

The Screen May be Uneven

A smooth and clean screen helps to improve the viewing effect. On the contrary, if the screen is uneven or colorful, the image quality may be decreased. If you are projecting onto a wall, the wall should be neat and smooth without sockets or holes.

The Image Size Is Too Big

Most home projectors on the market can project a max screen of 100-300 inches. If you are using the projector to project a too big image, the image may be blurry. For example, a projector can project a max screen size of 200 inches, and the recommended screen size may be 150 inches. That’s because the viewing effect is the best when you project a 150-inch screen though it can project a max screen of 200 inches.

The Resolution is Set Improperly

If you are connecting the projector to a computer or game console, you need to lower the resolution to match the native resolution of your projector. For example, if your projector has a native resolution, you should set the resolution to no more than 1080P. Otherwise, the image may be blurry.

The Ambient Light is Too Strong

The projector adopts diffuse reflection, which is sensitive to ambient light. To improve the viewing effect, you should avoid strong ambient light when using the projector. But some projectors with high brightness deliver a good viewing effect even under strong light. If the projector has low brightness, you’d better close the curtain and turn the lights off when you use the projector.

The Projector May Have a Defective Optical System

If you have tried all solutions above but don’t work, your projector may have a defective optical system. You can contact the projector suppliers for repair.


How to Fix Blurry Image on Projector?

  • Roll the focus or keystone button on your projector.
  • Clean the projector lens with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  • Move the projector and screen to be aligned.
  • Change a smooth and even screen.
  • Reduce the screen size or adopt the recommended screen size to achieve a better viewing effect.
  • Select the proper resolution when connecting the projector to external devices.
  • Turn the lights off and keep a dark environment when you use the projector.
  • Adjust the sharpness in the Image Setting on your projector.

How to Fix the Black Spots on Projector Image?

If you find that there are many black spots on the image. You can try the following 3 solutions.

  • Cool the projector down for a while and try the projector later. The projector may be overheated.
  • Clean the projector lens gently. The lens may be polluted by dust or dirt.
  • Clean the projector screen. If the screen is polluted, the image may have black spots.

If all solutions can’t fix the problem, the display chip of the projector may be broken. You can contact the projector Service for further help or repair.

How to Adjust the Image Size?

You can adjust the distance between the projector and the screen to adjust the image size. If the distance gets longer, the image size may be bigger; but if the distance is shorter, the image size will be smaller accordingly.

How to Determine Screen Size?

If you want to buy a projector screen, you need to consider the throw distance (distance from the lens of the projector to your screen) of your room and the throw ratio. You can use an online projector calculator to calculate the maximum screen that you can have in your room. By selecting the throw ratio and inputting the screen size you want, then you can know the throw distance.

If the throw distance has exceeded the max-width of your room, you can lower the screen size and recalculate again. This method can avoid buying a too big screen and help you to pick a proper one.

That’s all for the solutions to projector blurry images and image-related problems troubleshooting.

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