You can connect various external devices to the LG CineBeam HU915QE Projector. Using an optical cable, connect the digital audio input port of a digital amp to the optical digital audio out port of the projector. You could connect speaker to LG CineBeam HU915QE Projector.

The output of an amp with a digital converter must be set to the desired audio format. If a projector, home theater, or the speaker of an external audio device is operating at the same time, there will be an echo.

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Menu operation: (Q. Settings) → [More Option] → [Sound] → [Sound Out] → [Use Wired Speaker] → [Optical Out Device]

When connecting this product to other devices, make sure to turn off and unplug all the devices. The audio output of this product has wide-ranging audio bandwidth, so the receiver volume must be adjusted properly. Speakers can be damaged by unexpected high frequencies. Connecting the optical audio out port of the projector to the digital audio input port of a digital amp and the audio input port of the projector to the analog audio output port of the speaker can cause sound oscillation due to the closed loop. Remove one of the two connections to prevent this.

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