Using apps quickly and easily with [Quick Access] feature of LG Magic Lighting Remote is a quite useful shortcut. Check out this LG HU915QE Projecto Quick Access using guide.

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Launching Apps through [Quick Access]

Press and hold a number button on the remote control to open an app or to activate an external input registered to the button.

Setting the [Quick Access]

1. Launch the app or input you wish to assign.

2. Press and hold the number button (1~8) you want to register. No. 9 is fixed to [Quick Help].

3. When the registration pop-up window appears, select [Yes].

• If you press and hold a number button that has already been registered, the registered function will be performed.
• To see the items that can be registered, select a number that has not been registered in the [Edit Quick Access] mode.
• If you are in a mode where [Quick Access] cannot run, no action will be performed.
• If you delete a registered app, [Quick Access] will be deregistered as well.

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