Dangbei’s X series has always been the flagship product line of Dangbei projectors. Previously, the Dangbei X3 and Dangbei X5 Ultra released by the brand were milestone products in the industry, ushering in a new era of laser projection at different stages. Derived from the classic flagship model Dangbei X5, various models produced have attracted considerable attention and become hot sellers of the season. At the 2024 Dangbei Spring New Product Launch Event, the all-new upgraded Dangbei X5S made a grand appearance. What surprises will this new product bring us this time? Without further ado, let’s dive into the actual experience of the new product.

Appearance Design: New Super Flexible Pan-tilt Bracket

Continuing the design language of the X series, the Dangbei X5S projector maintains its consistent minimalist and technological style, with a pure black color scheme highlighting its high-quality texture. The biggest highlight is the addition of an integrated super pan-tilt bracket. The “pan-tilt” function was previously commonly seen in cameras or mobile devices. However, in recent years, with the enrichment of smart projection functions, it has gradually become an important component of projectors.

Previously, without a pan-tilt bracket design, we often encountered situations where the adjustment angles were limited when using projectors. The most common solution was to “prop up” books under the projector. However, once a suitable angle was found, it might need to be readjusted with just a slight touch. But with the addition of a pan-tilt support, all these problems can be easily solved. The inclusion of the pan-tilt allows for more flexible adjustment of the projector’s projection angle and direction, while ensuring stability during use.

The sides of the Dangbei X5S are supported by aluminum alloy cantilever arms, connected by carbon steel pivot joints. Compared to traditional rubber ring pivot joints, this material provides just the right damping, making it safer and more reliable. When in use, the machine can be easily pushed with one hand, supporting a maximum of 120° infinitely suspended hovering, making it easy to project onto the ceiling. The bottom is a large area of non-slip silicone turntable, which can achieve 360° rotation without dead angles, stable and without jitter. When the machine is rotated, a crisp sound similar to that of a blue axis mechanical keyboard can be heard, which is very soothing and stress-relieving.

We found some ingenuity in the exterior design. For example, the power switch interface is set at the lower end of the right arm of the pan-tilt, which saves the use space of the power cord and keeps it aesthetically pleasing. The bottom of the pan-tilt has a full touch switch, reflecting an integrated design. There is also a corresponding breathing light when turning the machine on and off, allowing you to see the status of the machine more intuitively.

In addition to the pan-tilt design, the front face of the Dangbei X5S still uses an IML floating panel. Different from the glass top cover of the Dangbei X5, the new machine’s top and body are all matte texture, with a warm and moist touch. At the same time, during the experience, it can be clearly felt that the matte panel can better keep the device clean and is not easy to collect fingerprints. The large-area mesh style is adopted on both sides of the fuselage, which contains 2 12W large cavity full-range speakers and heat dissipation modules. Turning to the back, the interface configuration is complete enough to meet daily home use. From left to right, there are audio interfaces, USB interfaces2 (including USB 3.0), HDMI2.1 interfaces2, S/PDIF interfaces, and LAN interfaces.

The remote control is made of metal, and a unique feature is that two functional buttons are cleverly equipped on the side. The red button is used to trigger the autofocus function, and the black button can quickly bring up the quick center. It is convenient to use without exiting the playback interface.

Picture Quality Experience: Laser Brightness + Intelligent Optimization

When choosing a projector, brightness is the top priority. With high brightness as the foundation, coupled with good picture quality and colors, it can present a relatively high-quality viewing experience. The Dangbei X series has always been known for “leading in brightness.” Previously, we conducted a brightness test of the Dangbei X5, and the overall picture quality effect can rival that of LCD TVs.

This time, the Dangbei X5S adopts the same high configuration, supporting ALPD laser light source, brightness at the level of ceiling, 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, XSuper super resolution, AI intelligent painting, etc., which can avoid speckle and color edge from the root, bringing a brighter and purer picture effect. Through intelligent processing, it can restore the real picture display.

In practical tests, we found that the Dangbei X5S can be watched without being restricted by time and space. Even in complex ambient light, the picture can still remain clear and not fuzzy, and it does not tire the eyes after prolonged viewing. The brightness is bright and clear, the colors are vibrant and saturated, and the details are clearly presented. For example, the outlines of flowers and plants, facial details of characters, textures of animal fur, etc., can be clearly restored. Even high-speed motion pictures can be vividly displayed. Under the large screen, you can directly “count the hairs” on Judy.

The following are real shots of the projection screen in a dimly lit indoor environment, directly from the camera:

The Dangbei X5S defaults to the XSuper super resolution and AI intelligent painting. When these two functions are turned on, a qualitative difference can be noticed in the picture quality, especially when watching older movies with lower resolutions. The system intelligently reshapes the picture, making it very friendly to the eyes.

Among them, XSuper super resolution can improve the clarity of low-resolution videos through algorithms, making the picture clearer and the details more visible. The effect is particularly evident when testing with 480P and 720P sources. As can be clearly seen in the following image, after enabling XSuper super resolution, the contours of Harry Potter’s face are clearer, and the strands of hair are more distinct.

AI intelligent painting can automatically recognize various scenes and optimize colors in real-time, enhancing the colors of the picture and making it more vibrant and distinct, resulting in a better viewing experience.

Intelligent Operation: Quick and Seamless, Full Comfort

The Dangbei X series has always been well-equipped. This time, the Dangbei X5S did not use software keystone correction to save costs. Instead, it is equipped with a professional hardware-level keystone correction chip, which can ensure resolution restoration to the greatest extent possible. Combined with the all-knowing AI visual algorithm, autofocus and keystone correction can be automatically completed upon startup, making the experience virtually seamless. Whether it’s front projection, side projection, or overhead mounting, the Dangbei X5S can maintain a square and clear picture in the shortest time possible, providing maximum comfort.

The Dangbei X5S also supports automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic screen insertion, adaptive brightness, intelligent eye protection, etc. In practical tests, the automatic obstacle avoidance function automatically avoids obstacles when the machine detects obstructions in the projection range, ensuring that the picture is presented squarely to the maximum extent possible, and the adjustment process is particularly fast, taking just a blink of an eye.

OS System: Smooth and Seamless, Diverse Play Methods

In terms of the system, the Dangbei X5S projector is equipped with the newly upgraded Dangbei OS 4.1. Based on the original “light, fast, and free” foundation, it adds the self-developed Quantum Engine 2.0, resulting in a smoother experience and further improved comprehensive performance. During testing, there were no ads when starting up, and after entering the main interface, the options for each module were clearly distributed. Clicking on the corresponding icon allows for quick access to applications, making the operation process simple and convenient.

The Dangbei OS system is rich in features and fully functional. Features like online movie search, remote control retrieval, smart home interconnection, large-screen cloud gaming, AI fitness, creative wall panels, etc., can meet various daily scene requirements. In actual experience, we also found some interesting and fun features.

(1) DIY Scenes

The newly upgraded system adds preset usage scenarios. This feature allows for custom commands to be set through multiple preset conditions. For example, we set the “night mode.” Every night from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next day is considered night mode, requiring the brightness to be in energy-saving mode, the volume to be automatically set to 2, and the background theme to be black.

(2) Dynamic Widgets

The system homepage contains various custom widgets, allowing us to customize the layout of the desktop. Common functions can be quickly added and set, and multiple theme styles or selected wallpapers can be replaced at any time.

For example, after entering the widget screen, click the “+” sign at the end of the widget screen, find the “My Apps” category, select specific applications for addition, such as music players, movie recommendations, cloud albums, etc., to quickly set them up. This feature is somewhat similar to DIY desktops on smartphones, allowing the desktop and scenes to be arranged according to personal preferences and habits, making it very user-friendly.

(3) Split Screen

The split-screen function can realize the projection of two screens on one device, which can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. For example, watching two live broadcasts or sports events at the same time, playing games/exercising + watching dramas, video conferences + presentation documents, etc. By using multiple scene combinations, the potential of the large screen can be maximized, and there’s no need to fight over the remote control with friends at home anymore.

The following are two combination viewing modes: watching dramas + browsing Douyin, and watching a variety show + live sports:

(4) Camping Mode

If you want to use it outdoors, the Dangbei X5S system comes with a built-in camping mode, which is very interesting and fun. Although the outdoor camping mode interface is simple, it offers various functions. In outdoor camping mode, the projector can connect to Bluetooth music, allowing you to listen to music and sing karaoke.

Additionally, there are photo walls, interactive bullet screens, game interactions, atmosphere backgrounds, and other scenes to choose from, which can add a lot of fun to your trip.

Summary: A Versatile “Hexagonal Warrior” with Sincerity

The addition of the pan-tilt design to the Dangbei X5S can be said to be “boosting like wings.” With a stable base and full-angle projection, the use is more free and enjoyable, effectively eliminating constraints. Under the guise of a technological texture, it combines many high configurations and black technology features, such as ALPD laser, 2450CVIA brightness, MT9679 chip, 4+64GB large memory, and seamless autofocus correction, achieving the ultimate viewing experience. The newly upgraded Dangbei OS 4.1 system is smooth and seamless, making it irresistible once you get your hands on it.

Overall, after comprehensive testing, the Dangbei X5S’s comprehensive strength is indeed resilient, highly practical, and without any shortcomings. It can be regarded as a versatile “hexagonal warrior” among home smart projectors. If you want to get a high-quality projector that covers all bases, this Dangbei X5S is definitely full of sincerity.

In conclusion, the Dangbei X5S laser projector impresses with its innovative design, exceptional picture quality, intelligent features, and user-friendly interface. With its advanced technology and thoughtful design, it sets a new standard for home entertainment projectors, offering users an immersive viewing experience and versatile functionality. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or enjoying multimedia content, the Dangbei X5S delivers outstanding performance and reliability, making it a top choice for anyone in search of a premium home projector. At the same time, Dangbei also launched the international version of the laser projector, Dangbei Mars, which provides Netflix, YouTube, Prime videos