When an image appears on the screen, check if it is in focus and fits the screen properly. Keep on reading to learn how to adjust focus of LG CineBeam HU915QE Projector.

LG HU915QB 800px

Adjusting the Focus of the Projection Screen

1. Press (Installation) button on the remote control to execute the [Focus Adjustment] function.

2. You can adjust the focus using the left and right buttons on the remote control. You can adjust the focus most effectively when the left and right screen are balanced. When adjusting the focus on the screen, do not let the product shake.

After using the product at room temperature, turning on the power may blur the focus if the inside temperature is low, but it will recover over time. This defocusing is a temporary phenomenon that occurs in low-temperature environments, and this will not affect the product’s performance or lifespan.

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