VictSing is a popular video projector brand. In this guide, we will give some troubleshooting solutions concerning VictSing projectors and provide you with instructions on using the projector.

VictSing Projector Troubleshooting

In this part, Netflix play, sound problem, remote, and image problems will be explained in detail.

VictSing Projector Won’t Play Netflix

Most Victsing projectors have no built-in Android system or Netflix certification. Therefore, you need to connect the Victsing projector to a computer or a streaming device to access Netflix.

  • Netflix can’t be mirrored by smartphones directly. Therefore, you can’t access Netflix by means of screen mirroring.
  • If the projector has an image but no sound when you play Netflix, you can try to turn off the Dolby Sound.
  • When you stream Netflix on a projector by connecting a laptop, you can try to change to the other browser or update the browser; you can also try to update the display driver. In addition, make sure the HDMI cable is well connected.
  • Try to update the Netflix app and try it again.
  • Restart the projector or the connected laptop and try again.

VictSing Projector Sound Not Working

If the VictSing projector’s sound is not working, you can try the following solutions to solve the problem.

  • Make sure the projector is not mute. Adjust the volume to a higher level.
  • Make sure the projector is not connected to an earphone via Bluetooth or audio cable.
  • Check whether the audio is supported on the projector when you play videos on some streaming platforms.
  • Check whether the audio port is connected to the correct interface. The VGA interface doesn’t support audio transmission.

VictSing Projector Won’t Connect to Phone

There are many causes for failure. Just check the troubleshooting solutions below to find the problem.

  • Make sure the connection cable is effective. For wired connection, the USB data cable should be the original charging cable bundled with your smartphone.
  • Make sure that you have connected the data cable to the correct interface. If the projector has two USB interfaces, one of them may not support data transmission. You can try to connect the cable to the other USB interface.

VictSing Projector Remote Doesn’t Work

There are many causes for the VictSing projector remote not working. You can check the following tips below to solve the problem.

  • The remote may have a low battery, or the battery may be depleted.
  • Check whether the batteries of the remote are placed in correct polarity.
  • Make sure the distance between the projector and the remote is within effective range.
  • Make sure the remote is pointed to the IR receiver.
  • Remove all sundries or blocks between the projector and the remote.
  • Remove some electric appliances that block the signal.
  • Avoid using strong light or fluorescent light near the projector, which will interfere with the signal.

If all the solutions don’t work, the remote may be broken. You can replace a new remote or contact the service for further help.

VictSing Projector Image Troubleshooting

This part covers the blurry image problem, black dots on the screen, and full-screen failure.

Blurry Image

  • Adjust the focus with the focus button.
  • Reduce the ambient light to make the surrounding environment dark.
  • Check the throw distance (the distance from the projector and the screen).
  • Make sure the projection size is not too big.

Black Dots on Image

  • Check whether there is dust on the projector’s lens. Try to clean the lens with a vacuum cleaner and try again later.
  • Check whether the projector is overheated. Try to use the projector later.
  • Check whether the screen or background wall is severely smeared.

If all solutions don’t work at all, the display chip may be broken, you can contact the VictSing Service for further help.

VictSing Projector Instructions

In this part, the VictSing projector setup, iPhone connection, and Wi-Fi connection will be introduced.

VictSing Projector Setup

You can follow the steps below to set up the VictSing projector.

1. Unbox the Victsing projector and place the projector on a flat surface.

2. Connect the projector to power and turn on the projector.

3. Adjust the position and make the projector perpendicular to the screen or wall. Try to place the projector on a flat and horizontal surface.

4. Adjust the focus ring to make the image clear. If the image is not rectangular, you can adjust the image with the keystone correction button. If the screen size is not big enough, you can move the projector farther from the screen.

5. Connect the projector to an external device to access more content.

VictSing Projector Connect to iPhone

The universal method of connecting the projector to the iPhone is to connect via an HDMI adapter. Some models of VictSing projectors support USB direct connection and wireless connection. Here are the details.

Method 1: HDMI connection

  1. Prepare lightning to HDMI adapter.
  2. Plug the lightning port to the iPhone and the HDMI port to the projector.
  3. Trust the projector when there is a prompt message on your iPhone.
  4. Then, the Victsing projector and your iPhone are connected successfully.

Method 2: USB Direct Connection

As VictSing projectors have many models, you can try to connect the projector to an iPhone via the original lightning cable directly if the projector supports a USB direct connection.

  1. Get the original lightning cable of your iPhone.
  2. Connect the USB port to the USB interface of the projector( choose the USB interface that supports data transmission).
  3. Click trust to let the projector access the data.
  4. Then, the VictSing projector and your iPhone are successfully connected.

Method 3:Wireless Connection

 If the VictSing projector supports wireless screen mirroring, you can connect the projector wirelessly.

  1. Connect the VictSing projector and the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter the Cast Screen interface of the projector.
  3. Start screen mirroring on the iPhone.
  4. Choose the projector’s signal to connect.
  5. Then, the two devices are connected successfully.

How to Connect VictSing Projector to Wi-Fi?

  1. Enter Setting and select network.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  3. Then, select the correct Wi-Fi network.
  4. Input the Wi-Fi password using your remote control.
  5. Then, select Ok to affirm the operation.

That’s all for the troubleshooting solutions for the VictSing projector.

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