The projector is a precise electric appliance. There are many possible causes if it keeps turning off. In this guide, we are going to introduce several solutions to projector repeated turning off and answer some related common projector problems.

Why Does My Projector Keep Turning Off?

There are 10 possible causes for the projector’s repeated turning off.

  1. The power cord of the projector is defective or not connected properly.
  2. The projector may be overheated.
  3. The projector may be in standby mode.
  4. The remote of the projector may be defective and broken.
  5. The projector is under a lamp timer.
  6. The lamp of the projector may be broken.
  7. The air filters of your projector may be clogged.
  8. Check whether the power button of your projector is locked.
  9. There is a firmware error.
  10. There is a breakdown among internal parts.
Why Does The Projector Keep Turning Off?

How to Fix If the Projector Keeps Turning Off?

  • Check the power cord status or connection conditions, and reconnect again. If the power cord is broken, try to contact the projector supplier and replace a new power cord.
  • Check the temperature indicator of the projector. The most projector will turn off automatically if it is overheated. If the projector is overheated, you can place the projector in a cool and ventilated place to cool down and try again later.
  • Check whether the projector is in standby mode by pressing the power button of the projector.
  • If you can’t turn on the projector, check whether the projector remote is broken. You can replace a new pair of batteries for the projector and walk close to the projector to test its working status of the projector.
Why Does The Projector Keep Turning Off?| Projector Troubleshooting
  • You can cancel the lamp timer if you need to use the projector frequently. You can also manually turn on the projector.
  • If the projector keeps shutting down automatically, the lamp life of the projector may be exhausted. You can change a new matched lamp for the projector.
  • Air filters will prevent the lens from pollution such as dust and dirt. You can clean the filter regularly. Take care to turn off the projector and unplug the power socket before cleaning the filter.
  • You can press and hold the power button for a longer period to unlock the power button.
  • Try to update the firmware of the projector.
  • If you have tried all the solutions above, some parts of the projector may be broken. You can contact the service to get further help and repairment.

FAQs About Projectors

How to Turn On the Projector Without Remote?

If your remote is broken, you can try the following solutions to turn on your projector.

Make sure all the cables are well connected and use the shortcut buttons on the top panel of the projector. Most projectors have shortcut buttons on the side panel or top panel, you can make use of them when you can’t find your remote or the remote is broken.

Use some connected APP to turn on the projector. For example, XGIMI Assistant. Different projectors have different Apps for phone control.

How to Fix If the Projector Remote Won’t Work?

  1. Check the battery of the remote control. If the battery is depleted, replace a new pair of batteries for the remote.
  2. Remove all the sundries or blocks between the projector and the remote.
  3. Keep a proper distance between the projector and the remote.
  4. Remove some electric appliances which may interrupt the signals.
  5. Try to use the shortcut buttons on the projector.
  6. Try to use the voice control or connected smartphone Apps if the projector has these functions.

Why The Projector Is Overheated?

It is normal for a projector to produce heat during use. That’s because a lamp will produce heat when it is lit. In addition, many smart projectors have various elements and parts which will also add heat.

To avoid overheating, you can do as the following tips.

  • Place the projector in a ventilated place.
  • Clean the projector filter and vents regularly to improve heat dissipation.
  • Do not cover or block the vents.
  • Do not keep turning on the projector for a long time. You can stop the projector every four hours, but do not cut off the power supply immediately after you stop using the projector so that the projector fans can cool the projector down successfully.

How to Calculate The Best Viewing Distance?

To get the best viewing effect, a proper viewing distance is critical. You can not be too far or too close to the screen.

You can use this online projector calculator to calculate the best viewing distance. The calculator can also calculate screen size and throw distance (the distance between the screen and the projector lens), helping you to quickly set up your projector.

How Long Does a Projector Lamp Last?

For most lamp-based projectors, the lamp life lasts 1,500 to 2,500 hours. That’s to say, if you use the projector for 4 hours per day, the lamp can last no more than 2 years. Some advanced lamp-based projectors have a lamp life of 5,000 hours, which can last about 3.5 years if you use the projector for 4h/Day.

If you don’t want to replace the lamp frequently, you can choose an LED projector or laser projector, whose lamp life exceeds 20,000 hours. If you use the projector 4h/day, the lamp can last more than 13 years.

However, the LED projectors have lower brightness; the laser projectors have high brightness but higher cost than most lamp projectors.

That’s all for troubleshooting the problem of the projector turning off. You can leave a message in the comment zone if you have other problems with projectors.

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