Optoma recently unveiled its latest 4K multifunctional laser projector — the UHZ616, attracting considerable attention with its outstanding performance and versatile features.

As a 4K ultra-high-definition projector, the UHZ616 boasts a remarkable 4000 lumens of brightness and an 8-million-pixel resolution, delivering every detail of the picture with exquisite clarity and realism. With TI DLP technology and Optoma DuraCore laser technology, it provides crisp images and stunning colors, offering customers a wide range of choices. Additionally, it supports HDR and HLG high dynamic range technology, enhancing the natural contrast and vividness of colors for a more immersive visual experience in movies, gaming, or business presentations.

Beyond its exceptional visual performance, the Optoma UHZ616 also offers powerful multifunctionality. Equipped with various interfaces such as HDMI and USB-A, it supports multiple control protocols like Crestron, Extron, and PJ-LINK, allowing users to remotely control and manage it according to the requirements of different application environments. Moreover, its built-in 15W speaker effectively meets the audiovisual needs of business communication, making presentations more engaging.

Notably, the Optoma UHZ616 adopts advanced DuraCore laser technology, boasting a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Its optical engine is IP6X certified, eliminating the need for additional dust filters and ensuring long-term protection of the projector, thus extending its lifespan.

In terms of design, the Optoma UHZ616 showcases thoughtful craftsmanship. With its compact body design, it reduces volume by 34% compared to the previous generation, making it convenient to carry and install. It also optimizes packaging size, achieving efficient logistics and low carbon emissions. Additionally, it supports 360° installation and flexible keystone correction, adapting to various complex installation environments for easier and quicker setup and adjustment.