Dangbei’s highly anticipated spring product launch is scheduled for April 18, as announced by the official countdown poster released on April 17. The theme of the poster, “Twist the Fate, Something Different,” hints at the unveiling of innovative products. The event will kick off at 14:30 Beijing time, with live streams available across various online platforms.

The latest poster reveals a sleek and slim design for the new product, accompanied by a structure resembling a rotating platform. The emphasis on “twist” suggests that this rotating mechanism might play a significant role. Combining this clue with the keywords “Seeing Big in Small” and “One Touch Away” from previous teasers, it’s reasonable to speculate that the upcoming product could offer a unique combination of features, possibly featuring a touch-sensitive screen combined with a rotating platform. If these speculations hold, Dangbei’s new release could once again set a new standard in the industry.

Dangbei is a leading brand in the household smart projector industry, with a dominant market share in the laser projection segment. Their innovative designs have often overturned the market, making them a landmark presence in the industry. With such a track record, anticipation is high for their upcoming launch, and users can expect another groundbreaking product from Dangbei. Projector1 will also be updated with new product information at that time.

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