Hello everyone, it has been one and a half years since Dangbei F3 was released in April. And Dangbei F series has a new family member,called Dangbei New F3 today. You must be particularly interested in this new projector. Dangbei F3 is already a home projector with strong comprehensive ability. Will Dangbei new F3 reach the top of home projector?

Dangbei New F3

Since Dangbei New F3 is an upgraded version of Dangbei F3, what progress has Dangbei New F3 made on the basis of Dangbei F3?


Dangbei New F3 has made greater progress in brightness. The brightness of 2150ansi lumens allows you to see a purer and brighter picture. If the picture brightness of Dangbei F3 is a beam of light illuminating objects in a dark room, then Dangbei New F3 will illuminate the whole room. Watching movies,TV episodes and comedy shows are no longer limited by the lightness, so that you can watch movies without worry during the day.

2. Smart screen entry (align screen)

When the intelligent screen entry (screen alignment) function is enabled, Dangbei New F3 aligns and matches the screen edge with the screen frame through AI intelligent algorithm while automatic trapezoidal correction. After you turn on the projector, you don’t need to adjust it manually as before. Now you can see the picture of neat fitting the curtain as long as you click the align curtain function. For people with obsessive-compulsive disorder,it is definitely a great welfare.

3.Intelligent obstacle avoidance

The intelligent obstacle avoidance function of Dangbei New F3 can automatically identify and avoid obstacles in the area, even if only a small part of the obstacle is exposed, it can be avoided perfectly. Some people with picture obsessive-compulsive disorder no longer have to worry about the shadow on the picture projected by the projector, and can have a perfect experience without defects while watching movies.

4.Inductive eye protection

After the projector is opened, when there are objects or obstacles in front of the lens, Dangbei New F3 can quickly perceive them, judge the obstacles, reduce the brightness of the light machine, avoid strong light from directly hitting the eyes, and protect the eyesight health of adults and children.

5.TOF upgrade

Compared with Dangbei F3, Dangbei New F3 upgrades the original focusing laser module from 720p to 1080p. In actual focusing, because the sensitivity of the camera module is improved, it means that Dangbei New F3 can have more accurate focusing function. Once the projector is turned on, you can feel a faster focusing experience and a clearer projection picture than before.

The integration of these humanized intelligent functions undoubtedly makes Dangbei New F3 more excellent. Compared with Dangbei F3, Dangbei New F3 enables consumers to experience projectors with higher performance and more humanized functions.