Formovie has released a new laser projector Fengmi R1 Nano on October 20th, 2021.

The projector outperforms similar products in product shape, functional performance, ease of use, and many other aspects.    

Fengmi R1 Nano adopts leading ALPD laser display technology, featuring 1920 x 1080P resolution and 1200 ANSI lumens.

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

The ultra-short throw projector has a throw ratio of 0.23:1.  Compared to the conventional 1.2:1 throw ratio, Fengmi R1 Nano can project 25 times the image size, bringing more impressive screen images.

At the same time, the laser projector also adopts the dual ToF camera configuration and supports ToF non-inductive focus and ToF omnidirectional automatic keystone correction. 


Compared with previous laser projectors, Fengmi R1 Nano has a smaller size, measuring 200x200x70mm, slightly bigger than a pack of paper towels, and the weight of the whole machine is less than 3 kilograms. Users can get a big-screen experience with this cute projector.

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

The projector adopts matte black as the main color, and the top of the machine is designed with a black vinyl disc with a good texture.  The side of R1 Nano also adopts a new large-area cloth technology, which can greatly improve the taste of the using scenes. 

It has two heat dissipation fans, which can ensure a cool operation even after a long operation.

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

For interfaces, Fengmi R1 Nano has Type-c ports, which are convenient for daily use.

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

Newly Updated Smart OS

The R1 Nano adopts the newly upgraded FengOS intelligent system and supports the new Xiaoming far-field voice control. It has a more user-friendly interface layout, which is much easier to use than before in terms of control.

Annoying startup ads are a common problem of many projectors. FengOS intelligent system removed startup ads, featuring full-screen content preview, movie follower tracking, dynamic screensaver, and one-button touch of the startup console button. 

The new intelligent system abandons the waterfall distribution, most commonly used in the market, and uses a new background pre-broadcast mode instead.  In this way, the video source selected by the user can be dynamically pre-played through the background mode, so that the highlights of the film can be enjoyed even without entering the playing interface, making users get an immediate understanding of the selected film. 

Image Quality

The Fengmi R1 Nano adopts ALPD laser display technology, which is currently used in most laser cinema halls. Compared with traditional display technology, ALPD laser display technology has better light efficiency, wider color gamut space, and a higher contrast ratio.

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

Thanks to the advantages of ALPD laser display technology in the gamut level, the R1 Nano laser projector also performs very well in the aspect of color permeability, even higher than similar products. 

Fengmi R1 Nano UST Laser Projector

High brightness brings more beautiful picture performance, high contrast brings more rich color performance.  With a high brightness of 1200 ANSI lumens and a native contrast ratio of 2000:1, the R1 Nano performs well in both picture brightness and color gain. 


With an ultra-short projection ratio of 0.23:1, the R1 Nano UST laser projector can project a large and HD picture at a very close distance from the screen, which is suitable for home use.