Dangbei Projector F3 Parameter

Product Name

  • DangBei Projector F3

Main parameters

  • Material/processEnvironmental protection resin+aviation aluminum
  • Display techniqueDLP
  • ColorBlack
  • Projection screen size30-300inches
  • Standard resolution1920X1080dpi
  • Gross weight (KG)5.1 (including packing)
  • Packing listComplete Machine, Adapter, AC Card, Remote Control, Instruction Book
  • Projection light sourceLED
  • Operating systemAndroid 6.0
  • Recommended screen size100inches-150inches
  • Brightness (lumens)2050 ANSI lumens
  • Compatible with maximum resolution3840*2160dpi
  • Size (mm)255*183*84

System parameters

  • ProcessorMstar6A938
  • System memory4G
  • Extended support4TB
  • Number of cores4-core
  • Memory capacity64GB

Projection parameters

  • Projection lensGlass lens (sapphire outer protection)
  • ZoomFixed-focus
  • Projection ratio1.2:1
  • Projection modeFixed Installation and Front Projection/Fixed Installation and Back Projection/Hanging Installation and Front Projection/Hanging Installation and Back Projection
  • Illuminance uniformity98%
  • FocusingAuto
  • DLP chip0.47DMD
  • Screen width-height ratio16:09

Projector parameters

  • Keystone correctionLeft and right ±45°
  • Noise (db)<28db

Interface parameters

  • USB interfaceUSB 3.0*2
  • Network interfaceLAN interface
  • Other interfacesDC in*1
  • BluetoothSupport
  • HDMIHDMI2.0 Support ARC
  • Audio interface3.5mm
  • Wireless projection functionSupport

Electric parameters

  • Power source18V/10A
  • Sound power consumption8W*2
  • Overall power consumption150W

Dangbei Projector F3 introduce

  • Mstar938 4G+64GStrong & Advanced configuration
  • 2050 ANSI LumensBetter brightness and image quality
  • Keystone correctionThird generation technology
  • Dual TOF + CameraComplement the focus more efficient and user-friendly
  • 4K engine proMore natural color and de-noised images
  • HDR10 HLG decodingBring the details of the image vividly to life
  • Three-channel rapid coolingLower noise and pure sound
  • Smart experience with voice control and phone control
  • MEMC up to 120HzSmooth video with full color

2050ANSI Lumens Improved brightness

Use the New High Power RGB plus B 4-channel LED from Osram, which is a great improvement in brightness by 46.4% and makes the experience even brighter.

  • RGB+B
  • 46.4%↑
  • 1080P

*Based on 8 hours of average daily use over the life of a laboratory light source
*Compared to the model F1

Constantly breakthrough in performance

The F3 integrates MStar Ultra-VDEC decoding technology and supports the world’s mainstream 4K coding formats like HEVC, VP9, H.264, H.265. The 13th generation MFC engine can easily handle 4K ultra-HD video, 3D large games, and the performance is far beyond expectations.

  • Mstar938superior TV iChip
  • Samsung 4GBAge of the Hardcore
  • Samsung 64GBeMMC5.1

Dual TOF and CMOS camera algorithm for rapid focus.

Two miniature time-of-flight sensors transfer invisible light pulses of 940nm continuously. The sensor receives the returned light pulses and makes precise calculations to achieve rapid focus.

Focus speed improved by 10 times.

Place however you like with Dangbei 3.0 rapid keystone correction

F3 calculates the distance difference between the left and right side under side-throw condition through a 6D mathematical model to work the trapezoidal variation with its dual-TOF module. The image turns to square efficiently. It integrated a Japanese iChips image processing chip to ensure the display of the digital image.

Care what you watch with the 4K Engine Pro

To solve your problem of internet content with a low frame rate, noise, and low color reproduction, F3 offers you an improved color and real image.

Display beautiful and real image

The F3 supports 4K Ultra HD decoding. Its HDR 10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma technology offers cinema experience with excellent color and image.

MEMC motion compensation up to 120 Hz

The innovative algorithm doubles the motion compensation processing capability. That is why the clarity of watching dynamic images with F3 is so different.

Active shutter 3D is more realistic, robust, and immersive.

Your 3D experience can be a more intense and realistic stereoscopic effect with F3. It supports 3D movies with active shutter 3D glasses. No need to go out, enjoy your private 3D cinema at home.

An immersive experience with theater effect and pleasing sounds

The F3 offers a stereo surround sound better than before with a high-fidelity speaker, advanced sound processing and tuning technology.

Tri-channel smart cooling solution, stable and quiet.

The cooling system contains a 670g pure copper heat sink, a heat dissipation copper pipe of 8mm width, and three-group smart fans. Ensure the system operation with noise below 28Db.

Diffuse imaging for healthy viewing

The F3 adopts the principle of diffuse imaging, which is different from the traditional LCD TV. It projects the image onto the wall or curtain and diffusely reflected into the human eye to reduce eye irritation. It is more suitable to watch movies for a long time, especially care for the elderly and children.

Dual high-speed USB 3.0 interface

Equipped with two USB 3.0 ports with a maximum transmission bandwidth is up to 5.0Gbps (640MB/s), F3 enables you to enjoy 4K-quality, high bit-rate movies from external USB devices without fear of stuttering.

Another magic Bluetooth speaker with a full range of expansion interfaces

Equipped with an HDMI (ARC) port that can transmit high-quality audio and video signals, supporting access to computers and game consoles (switches). The smart speaker can also be used to play music via Bluetooth connection. Turn off the projection, and you can have another Bluetooth speaker.