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Dangbei Flagship Series Review: Dangbei F1 vs Dangbei F1C vs Dangbei F3

Dangbei F1, Dangbei F1C, and Dangbei F3 are all flagship projectors from Dangbei brand. In this article, I will review them from appearance, system, image

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How to Mirror Your iPhone on Dangbei F3?

Step1 : Make sure that your iPhone is connected with the same WIFI as Dangbei F3 Projector. Step 2: Slipping the iPhone screen up gently,

Dangbei F3

Dangbei Projector F3,Powerful DLP 0.47DMD Projector

Dangbei Projector F3,Powerful DLP 0.47DMD Projector,Mstar938 4G+64GStrong & Advanced configuration.