Auking mini projector is one of the best sellers on the US market, but many users find its sound is not working. In this guide, we will share how to fix sound problems.

Here are possible troubleshooting solutions to Auking mini projector not working.

Auking Mini Projector Sound Not Working

1. Check the Volume

When the Auking mini projector produces no sound, you need to check the volume first.

Check whether the projector is muted or not. You can press the Mute button to recover the sound. If not, check whether the projector’s volume is too low.

If connected to external devices such as a TV stick, you need to adjust the volume using the remote of the external device instead of the projector.

If you are streaming content from some apps, you need to check whether the volume is disabled.

Auking Projector No Sound

2. Switch the Sound Output

The sound output mode is also critical. You can set sound output to PCM mode when connecting the projector to other devices via HDMI.

3. Check the Audio Format

This projector does not support Dolby audio, and you need to disable the audio when watching content via streaming apps such as Netflix, etc.

Generally, you can switch the audio according to the following steps: Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital Plus OFF.

There may be differences between different devices. Generally, you need to switch the sound to “Auto” or “Stereo”.

4. Reset to Factory Default

There may be some changes occur to the sound setting if the projector’s sound is not working. You can reset it to factory default to troubleshoot the sound problems.

5. Check the Copyright

As some copyrighted streaming apps don’t support mirroring via smartphone, you can’t get sound or images after screen mirroring. That’s normal for most video projectors.

If you want to watch Netflix, you can connect it to a laptop or TV stick instead of smartphone screen mirroring.

You may be interested in How to Connect iPhone to AuKing Mini Projector.

6. Check the Connection Cables

If you are connecting a speaker to the Auking projector, you need to check the connection status of the cables.

Make sure the cable is tightly and properly connected.

Ensure that the cable is labeled as “No Resistance”.

7. Test by Connecting to Another Device

To troubleshoot the sound problem, you can try to connect the projector to another device. If the problem persists when connecting the projector to another audio device, then the projector’s sound setting may be faulty.

8. Run Sound Diagnosis via Computer

If you have tried all solutions above but still fail to solve the problem, you can run a sound diagnosis.

Specifically, you can connect the projector to a laptop, then do as follows:

Start Menu> Setting>System>Sound>Volume>Troubleshoot.

Then, you can change the setting based on the troubleshooting results.

That’s all for the Auking mini projector sound not working solutions.

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