BenQ Projection has officially launched the BenQ W4000 projector online, positioning it as a color-accurate 4K home cinema projector equipped with 4LED light source technology.

The BenQ W4000 projector comes with an integrated RGB color sensor, boasting 3000 ISO lumens and featuring a 0.65” DMD chip for its 4K resolution, delivering a remarkable 8.3 million distinct pixels.

BenQ W4000 Projector

Moreover, it is equipped with features like automatic color calibration, HDR10+ and HLG dual decoding, as well as MEMC motion compensation technology. It supports a 3D mode and a filmmaker mode, allowing for a versatile cinematic experience. The projector also supports 2D lossless lens shifting, coupled with a 1.3x optical zoom, enabling a 120-inch screen projection from a distance of 3 meters.

On the audio front, the BenQ W4000 projector includes eARC audio return channel and a treVolo 5W sound system. The hardware incorporates the MTK9669 chipset and the side of the projector features physical menu buttons. At the back, there are 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and 1 Ethernet port.

Notably, the BenQ W4000i projector was introduced in July, and it’s likely that the release of the BenQ W4000 projector is the Chinese version of the same product. With its impressive 4K resolution and color-accuracy focus, the BenQ W4000 projector is positioned to deliver an enhanced home cinema experience to users.

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