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BenQ HT2060 vs TK850i: Pros and Cons Comparison

BenQ HT2060 is a new projector released at CES 2023. This guide will compare the projector and BenQ’s previous popular home theater projector BenQ TK850i.

BenQ HT2060 vs HT2050A
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BenQ HT2060 vs HT2050A: What Are the Differences?

At CES 2023, BenQ revealed many new projectors, including BenQ HT2060, a new 1080P projector. Compared with the previous popular model BenQ HT2050A, BenQ HT2060

BenQ LW500 vs BenQ HT2050A
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BenQ LW500 vs BenQ HT2050A: Projector Comparison

This guide will compare two hot projector models from the BenQ projector, BenQ LW500, and BenQ HT2050A. The two projectors are close in terms of

BenQ CES 2023

BenQ Unveils 3 New Projectors for CES 2023

The famous LED projector brand BenQ has announced that it will unveil three new projectors at CES 2023, including BenQ HT4550i, BenQ HT2060, and BenQ

BenQ GP500 vs BenQ GS50
DLP Projectors

BenQ GP500 vs BenQ GS50: What Are the Differences?

In this post, we will compare the new projector BenQ GP500 and the previous popular projector BenQ GS50 from different aspects, helping users to know

BenQ GV30 Review

BenQ GV30 Review, Portable Projector 2022

BenQ GV30 is a new portable projector released in 2022. It has flexible and free projection angles and a unique design. You can adjust the

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BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GS50: Hot Portable Projectors Comparison

BenQ GV11 is a new portable from the BenQ Portable Projectors Series, while BenQ GS50 is a hot projector released in 2021. What are the

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130
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BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: What’s the Difference?

BenQ W1130X is a new home theater projector product from BenQ. The projector has improved a lot compared with the previous BenQ W1130. What are

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BenQ W1130X Review: 4LED Projector with 2300 Lumens

BenQ W1130X is a new projector for home theater use. It has improved a lot based on its sibling BenQ W1130. In this post, we

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BenQ GH150 Review: How is This 1080P Home Projector?

The brightness of the BenQ GH150 is 1500ISO lumens and the standard resolution is 1080P, which ensures that the details of the video and picture

Laser Projectors

Epson L730U Review – Highly Recommended 3LCD Laser Projector

The Epson PowerLite L730U is part of the Epson L Series line of 2022. It is a 3LCD laser projector selling for MSRP of 4,181

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BenQ E540 Review: Bright and Powerful Business Projector

BenQ E540 is a typical commercial projector. Its details are optimized around office meeting scenes, which is obviously different from home entertainment projectors. The classic

4K Projectors

BenQ W1800 Review: True 4K Projector Features Filmmaker Mode

BenQ’s 4K primary color projector W1800. As a true 4K projector, it not only has 100% Rec.709 color accuracy, but to my surprise, it also

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BenQ i962L Laser TV Review – Brings Cinematic Viewing Experience

In order to express the original color of the movie picture, the BenQ Laser TV i962L also adopts the Cinematic Color color adjustment technology, covering

BenQ GV11
Projector Reviews

BenQ GV11 Review: Smart Portable Projector with Android TV

BenQ GV11 is a new portable projector released by the renowned DLP projector brand BenQ. In this post, we will review the projector from different

BenQ EH620
Projector Reviews

BenQ EH620 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

BenQ EH620 is the latest smart projection device launched by BenQ, which is equipped with a new Windows system. Let’s see if BenQ EH620 is

BenQ i930L Review: Powerful Laser TV with Houndstooth Style
Laser Projectors

BenQ i930L Review: Powerful Laser TV with Houndstooth Style

BenQ i930L laser TV has a 4K resolution i930L laser TV, with a 100-inch anti-glare screen, you may build a home theater anytim in the

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BenQ CP2611 Business Projector Review

BenQ CP2611 projector is a high-brightness conference projector for business office. Business projectors generally have high brightness and high contrast, which is convenient for use

BenQ TW500ST
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BenQ TW500ST Projector Review: How is It?

How is the BenQ TW500ST projector? The BenQ TW500ST adopts the ISO international brightness standard, and the actual brightness is 2000 lumens, which ensures the

The BenQ LU9750
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BenQ LU9750 Laser DLP Projector Review

The BenQ LU9750 is an ultra-bright 8,500 ANSI lumens professional projector compatible with interchangeable lenses (not included) that sells for $11,999 MSRP. The LU9750 has